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I am timid here, because I am by no means a Bible expert. But I decided to challenge myself by studying the Revelation with a Catholic friend.

I equipped myself with the New American Bible Revised Edition, Study Edition. Secondly, I took on the Ignatius Study Bible, which covers 1-3 John and Revelation. The most recent imprimatur is 2009.

I’m a pretty good general reader, but I’m way out of my depth. Can anyone recommend a “Revelation” for Dummies that would be doctrinely sound? Or should we head for something easier.

(My Old Testament study is already covered with an Orthodox Jewish friend that I’ve known 20 plus years.)

Thank you and God bless you for reading my question.


“Coming Soon” by Michael Barber
“The Lamb’s Supper” Scott Hahn

Protestant books on the subject will probably deviate from Catholic teachings.


Thanks for those suggestions. :slight_smile:


I second the The Lamb’s Supper recommendation. Scott Hahn is a world-class Biblical scholar, and the way he connects the content of Revelation and the Catholic Mass is truly amazing.


Thanks for seconding the previous recommendation. :slight_smile:


I’m about to start the Ascension Press study on Revelation, with video presentations by Jeff Cavins and I think, Dr. Tim (somebody).

I started ahead of time, reading the course book and the scripture itself, of course. It’s still very mysterious. It’s like floating in the air and just occasionally touching the ground.

I’ve read most of those other books that were recommended in previous comments. This is just me - - they don’t stick with me very much.

I’m right into chap 8 to 11, where there are a lot of punishments coming down from heaven, it’s pretty scary. Things happen so fast, I’m worrying, how can I be saved? It makes me feel that I would be better off as a martyr.

Being a martyr is something you just never hear about in your local church. Maybe there are martyrs in Syria or Iran, for sure, but – here in the US? We are so often called in scripture to suffer – it has redemptive value – but are we ready to “walk through that door” of martyrdom? – to give everything up right now?


If I had to choose between denying the faith or being martyr, I hope I’d have the courage to be a martyrdom.


These podcasts contain a chapter on the Book of Revelation, you won’t regret listening to all the chapters though!

The Understanding the Scriptures Podcast

Here are two other podcasts that may be helpful:

Interview With Dr. Michael Barber On The Book Of Revelation - August 22, 2015 - Reasons for Faith Live

** Interview With Michael Barber on Revelation - May 31, 2014 - Reasons for Faith Live ******



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