Suicidal thoughts...are they sinful?


Not like taking time to imagine how you would do it. But when sometimes things get bad or worse and you just get that thought that everything will be okay if you do it…Yet you don’t actually welcome the act. I just need to know the answer.



I wouldn’t say so, no.

Are you talking to a therapist?


It depends on the mental health of the person having the thoughts.

Are you having suicidal thoughts


Hi Maximillian! Thanks for your comment…Let’s just say that I don’t think that I will do it, but the thoughts are there. Is all kinda secret at the moment! HA HA!


It may well be good to do as such…


Please seek help. It’s nothing to joke about. Or dismiss. You can get help. Just ask


suicidal thoughts sinful?
Living life is sinful. Sin is almost unavoidable in my opinion. Just avoid the big ones like not putting God first nor being nice to your neighbour.
I think when we suppress our thoughts, it becomes worse. “oh no. I should never have those wicked thoughts”. Yes they might be wicked but look at them without judgement. Don’t judge your own thoughts. Buddhism teaches this. I’m not sure if Christianity does, does it?

Suppression of thoughts just leads to more sin, in my opinion. Awareness leads to gently choosing a more constructive course of action.


God frowns on anyone giving themselves the “Early out” You won’t gain anything
by doing so. No escape for Jesus, He died on the Cross & that day is “Good Friday” now.
“God may not get you out of everything, but He will get you thru everything”


Sorry, we cannot assume to know what’s going on. We can only urge the person having suicidal thoughts to seek help. We cannot judge what’s in the mind of the person or God.


Suicidal thoughts themselves are not sinful. It is the action that is a sign of despair, of giving up that is sinful.
If you do have “dark thoughts” for whatever reason do get help.
Some medications have side effects that include depressive thoughts, including suicidal thoughts.
It is important not to dwell on them, and to seek professional help as quickly as possible, even if it only a fleeting thought.
The professional can help you get to the real issue triggering any dark thoughts, any issues that need to be dealt with.
“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Find out what the problem is. Pray for guidance, and solutions, even if that solution is to simply let go and give the problem to God.


You need to reach out of you are having suicidal thoughts. In the meantime, let me share a story with you. I heard an interview with a guy who tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge. He was one of the few who survive that fall. He spent many months in the hospital. But listen carefully to what he said about what happened. He said that at the instant he jumped and it was too late to turn back, he realized that the only think in his life that couldn’t be fixed was the thing he just did. If you are having these thoughts, get help. There are a lot of people in this world who care.


If you’re feeling suicidal, 1-800-273-8255 is the number for the Suicide Hotline. They also have a chat online here .


Please call tel:1-800-273-TALK and talk to someone immediately.


Suicidal thoughts pose a huge dilemma; most people who have them do not want to die; rather they want the pain to stop.

What are the mental or physical pains in your life, that are causing you to have these thoughts? There are ways to find the mental strength to overcome feelings of despair.


Temptations are not a mortal sin.

But deliberate serious long day dreaming intently with consent about committing a mortal sin, is a mortal sin.
The bible says: satan entered Judas as he left the Last Supper. It states ‘Judas had conceived it in his mind to betray Jesus.’
Decisions to commit a mortal sin, are a mortal sin, if:

Thoughts of committing a mortal sin, if deliberate, freely committed and with full knowledge, are a mortal sin.

Jesus even stated: ‘if you look at a woman lustfully you have committed adultery in the heart.’ Showing a mortal sin can be committed in the heart/ thoughts.


If someone voluntarily maintains a suicidal thought then yes it is a sin, it is obvious in my opinion. What is willful and against a law of God whether it’is in act or desire is a sin.
But if the thoughts are not voluntary then there is no sin.


Please call a mental health facility and make an appointment. It’s not funny. Suicidal thoughts can lead to actions. And no, only God is the author of life, not us, no one has the right to take one’s own life; suicide does not make everything okay. It doesn’t make anything okay. Have you ever asked God how He would like you to live?

I do know how terrible depression can make a person feel and how much it can warp their thinking, I’ve suffered with depression for decades.

I’m so sorry you’re having these thoughts. Placing you in the enclosed garden of the most sacred heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


You need to think positive thoughts when things are difficult. Have things planned in life that can look forward to: weekend trip to the movie theatre, bowling, society, prayer group, cup of coffee after work, learn a music instrument, spend time with your friends/ relatives/ family, etc


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