Suicidal Thoughts


I’ve been having suicidal thoughts, lately.

Actually, that’s a lie. I wouldn’t actually do anything to myself. I know I could never do something so stupid as suicide. I’ve just been depressed lately, and thoughts of how now it would be to die have occurred off and on.

I don’t want to die, though. I want to enjoy life, there’s just not much to enjoy right now. I try to take consolation in Our Lord, try trusting in Him, and try modeling myself after the saints, realizing that these moments of spiritual aridity come and go.

I committed a mortal sin the other day, which I went to confession for. The priest and I discussed it, he understood, absolved me…but I didn’t feel grace flowing like a river afterwards, not that I necessarily expect such a feeling every time. I’ve told Jesus that I’m sorry, and I’m sure he believes me, but I’m just not happy.

Nothing around me makes me happy. Not my books, not my music, not television, nor the internet, nor my family. Dying wouldn’t even make me happy.

I’m just immensely unsatisfied right now.


I am very worried by your post and I would like for you to go and see a doctor. No-one here can advise you on this.

You are assured of my love and you are in the Living Prayer of my life.


I agree with Blessedstar. Please call someone now, such as a family member, good friend, priest, etc.

I’m praying for you.


Stop by the ER at your local hospital. I’ve done it before. Have trust, Tim


I agree, get to the hospital as soon as you can to be looked at by professionals.


i have felt how you are feeling but please know that there are people who can help you. You need to speak to some medical people and take their advice. It may be difficult but it really is worth it. You can enjoy life and when you are well again you will enjoy life. I know that I thought it wasn’t possible but I proved myself wrong and I now enjoy life. Please do not feel guilty about having these thoughts as they are temporary,caused by an illness. Various people in the Bible were thought to have suffered depression or mental illness but were still Godly people. I’ll pray for you in the meantime but you must seek medical help too. Take care, Linnyo


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Thanks to those who offered help and continue to offer prayer.

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