Do people who commit suicide go to heaven? I’ve always wondered and I think God should let everyone in because they could have been a great person but that person who committed suicide never had the chance to apologize to God for their sin. Im interested in everyones opinion.



They all go to Heaven unless you’re talking about yourself (i.e. you’re considering it). If that’s the case, write back to us! :wink:



My personal opinion is God will show mercy and might allow the person to be spared and instead go to Purgatory. However, my guess is that Purgatory for this person will be far more painful than anything he or she could ever imagine experiencing in his or her lifetime had he or she not committed suicide.


You have no need for concern. God is perfect in justice as well as in mercy. We cannot tell you how he will judge, but be at peace in your knowledge of His justice and mercy.


well, i think our God is very merciful and only He knows the heart and mind of each person. as someone who has suffered extreme depression ( chemical imbalance ) i can understand how a person could get suicidal. perhaps if someone is in the process of taking his or her own life, at just the last second, he repents? or maybe at his judgement he realizes what he has done and apologizes to God. is that too late? who knows? what if the person was emotionally unstable and that weighs in God’s judgement. i trust in God’s mercy. i think He knows the pain of those who are desperate enough to consider suicide. but i’d rather not find out for myself!!! “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”


I believe that poeple who feel that they need to commit suicide and actually go through with it have serious problems in our life that we can not understand. It is beyond being just sad or upset. Something that is bothering that that much that they feel as if they can no longer go on. We may not understand these people or why they did it, but I believe that god has a greater capacity of understanding then we can possibly imagine. I do not believe that God gives up on those who choose to commit suicide. I believe that God understands the people’s problems and he offers fergiveness to them, because they never had the chance to ask for it. I believe that he bases whether or not they go to heaven on the rest of their lives. :slight_smile:


The challenge with suicide is did the person commit a mortal sin? Did the person have full knowledge of their act and equally important full consent? For a mentally ill and/or severely depressed person, it’s hard to make a case that they did. Having said that, one shouldn’t feel any sort of confidence that he can off himself and expect to gain salvation. We simply don’t know how God really treats these people. The hope is that His mercy extends to them. Prayer for soul of this person is greatly needed.


For a suicide to occur there either has to be:
*]such an incredible arrogance that one can believe they are beyond the mercies of God
*]such an incredible ignorance that they can believe there is nothing worse then there current suffering
*]such a breakdown in the psyche that the inborn mechanisms to preserve life are just broken

While I would never say that a person won’t go to hell for committing suicide because there are some circumstances when very grave sin is the culprit, in most cases, stupidity or illness take away the persons’ intent necessary to commit a mortal sin.

I had an uncle who died in the Korean coflict. Story was he threw himself infront of enemy fire. No reason. No other life to save. Just got up in a hail of bullets and got himself killed. He was buried in a veterans grave, not a Catholic one.

Many years later I joined a fire service and worked on a medic unit. I had such a reputation for being a hodog and doing dangerous stunts most guys either wouldn’t work with me or just stood back out of my way. When I was diagnosed with mixed type bipolar disorder and successfully medicated, I began to notice that I experienced fear and hesitation that I found difficlt to get past even when something very important was at stake.

To the point, what I learned was that the danger of suicide was not there when I was depressed. In depression you don’t have enough energy to off yourself. (Besides, I always firmly believed that the pains of hell and offending God were worse then how I was feeling.) The danger of suicide is in extreme mania. You think you’re 6 foot tall and bulletproof. My uncle obviosly believed that quite literally. It’s in mania that you’re driving 90-100 miles an hour down the road and feel like you’re standing still. Your thoughts go so fast, everything seem frustratingly slow and its very easy to become confused.

We know nothing more about the state of the soul of someone who has died by suicide than another death. Good thing God is our judge.


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