Suicide Bomber at University of Oklahoma

I can’t believe it. Someone blew themself with a pipebomb at OU during a football game less than 100 yds from the stadium and I can barely get info on the news. Norman was in chaos last night and even our University Pres. said that “at no time was anyone at the game in danger…” This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m scared to even go to class tomorrow and everyone is acting like this is all fine and dandy and that everyone is safe. Does anyone from Oklahoma have any info on what is going on?

Everything is pointing to an engineering student who wanted to commit suicide and decided to do it in a public way. They found explosives in his room and detinated them about 1/2 hour ago.

more coverage here:

Also, there are pix here of the bomb squad taking out the materials at the Parkview Apartments, taken by an OU student who lives nearby:

Something stinks when the trigger happy media remains silent about an incident of this magnitude.

We are supposed to believe them now when something like this happens on our soil?

No curiosity? No in-depth investigations? No what if this happened in your town?

Take care everywhere and always of your own business, spiritually and otherwise, none of us know (not “if” but “when”) these incidents are to be believed. Pray, pray and pray some more that this madness stays away from our hometowns & our country. Tell your wife and kids that you love them now!

Suicides amongst youth tend not to be broadcast by the media because of fear of copy cats.

[quote=gilliam]Suicides amongst youth tend not to be broadcast by the media because of fear of copy cats.

A very real threat, I might add. It is a statistical reality. Good point, Gilliam!

Hubby read an article earlier; I know not where. Said the area was a very serene part of campus which might have attracted him to have his last moments there. That it appears he worked alone. That the blast was large enough to blow glass out of near-by windows.

[quote=gilliam]Suicides amongst youth tend not to be broadcast by the media because of fear of copy cats.

I have a feeling most suicide victims didn’t need media reports to give them the idea of suicide.

[quote=m134e5]I have a feeling most suicide victims didn’t need media reports to give them the idea of suicide.

No, not the idea. But the courage and the idea on how to do it. Copy cats amongst youth violence are a reality. Look at how many copy cat attacks there were after the school shootings. The news didn’t even report on how many THREATS of copy cat violence there were. I was caring for someone in high school at the time. Without fail every single day they were evacuated for bomb threats and the like. It got to the point after two weeks of getting nothing done that they just closed school for a week.

In Spain a husband killed his wife and later he suicided with a explosives belt, it happened in Canary Islands, only we can make is praying for them.

Some disturbing information about this in the following article:

OU bomber tried to buy ammonium nitrate
University student attended same mosque as 9-11’s Moussaoui
Posted: October 6, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Jon Dougherty
© 2005

The student who blew himself up outside a packed Oklahoma University football stadium Saturday night tried to buy large quantities of ammonium nitrate – a key ingredient in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing – the week before, according to a new report.

Full Story


[quote=WanderAimlessly]Some disturbing information about this in the following article:PF

He seem to be converted to islam, some time before his death, very sad.

There is just not enough info out on this. I am suspicious. I read where they found lots and lots of bomb materials in his apt. Not your typical suicide stuff.

Here’s some info that the government and media aren’t too fond of revealing:

In addition to the above article, on a local talk-show interview with Jayna Davis (author of “The Third Terrorist”, it was revealed that:

-Student rejected his Christian faith of his upbringing.
-Sudent lived around the corner from an Islamic Mosque.
-Student roomate is Pakastani who had a one-way ticket to Algeria dated during the school year.

80,000 people at risk. A much larger plan was in the works(same material attempted to be purchased as in Oklahoma city bombing - truck bomb?) This was no typical suicide. And it’s time we start calling spades spades before 100,000 or 1 million people are killed by “confused youth”.

I also feel and pray for the student and his family.

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