Suicide Bombing Outside Nigeria Church, Several Injured - AFP


Note, the bomber attacked an Evangelical Church, injuries only, no deaths. Let’s hope none of the injuries are serious. I embolden how this attack came about below. Also, it apparently happened in the “Northeastern part” of the country where I believe Christians are the minority in the North/South divide.

Nigeria: Suicide Bombing Outside Church, Several Injured - Witnesses

A suicide bomber blew himself up outside an evangelist church in northeast Nigeria on Thursday, injuring several people, witnesses and a rescue worker said.

“There was an explosion outside the ECWA church this morning. A suicide bomber who was restrained from getting into the church blew himself up,” said Abubakar Yakubu, who heads the Nigeria Red Cross in Gombe.

“Luckily no one was killed but some people were mildly injured.”

**A witness said the man arrived during the church service and refused to park his motorcycle outside a security barrier set up by church volunteers.

“He insisted on riding through the barrier,” said Dahiru Badamasi.

“It was while he was arguing with the volunteers that his suicide belt exploded.”**


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