Suicide Terrorism

Suicide Terrorism
The betrayal of suicide bombers

Getting to heaven is tough work, and it requires a lifetime of struggle against human weakness and temptation (along with God’s grace), not the press of a button on a suicide belt.

By Hesham Hassaballa, July 20, 2007

Where do you think you’re going?

Suicide terrorism is a relatively new phenomenon. Although most commonly associated with Muslims, it has been well documented that many non-Muslim terrorist groups have utilized the tactic of the suicide attack. Still, it is hard for most people - including the author - to understand how someone could resolve to strap a bomb on his chest and detonate it among innocent people in order to commit mass murder. For the terrorists of the Muslim flavor, they justify such action by claiming that being a suicide bomber is an act of “holy war,” and in traditional Muslim theology, the one who dies in “holy war” will become a martyr that instantly goes to Heaven.

I have thought long and hard over their religious justifications. They make absolutely no sense. First of all, murder is strictly forbidden in Islam:
“And do not take a life that God has made sacred, except for just cause.” (17:33)


The phrases ‘suicide bombing’ or ‘suicide terrorism’ are Western words. The Muslims use the word ‘shaheed’.

They don’t consider what they do to be murder. Hence you’re arguing an irrelevancy.


]except for just cause."

(17:33) maybe they stress on the end of the sentence.


False. Murder and terror are long standing Islamic weapons

Yes other groups that don’t value the individual life have done this.

If this were true, why’d Moslems slaughter the Banu Qurayza after they’d surrendered?

Muhammed encouraged murder


Murder is an unlawful killing. Muslims believe it is lawful to kill a muslims who converts to Christianity, or to kill a Christian that wont pay a tax to live in an Islamic country. The Taliban stoned women to death in Afghanistan for not wearing a burka. You see we have different concepts of what is legal and just.


Good points! Like when they marry a nine year old and declare her a woman


you’re like a dog with a bone, Montalban:D


It’s my raison d’être

[SIGN]Fight for truth![/SIGN]

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