A few years back, I had a cousin of mine commit suicide.

Is it true that his soul is to be damned for eternity because of this?

Or is there something that may offer hope & comfort for us, his family?

Can I get some bible specifics of where to find this information/answers. Thanks…

The Church does not teach that it can say that any specific person is in Hell, because God has perfect Mercy and Justice. Suicide is a sin, however, the Church teaches that things mental illness and external forces that lead one to commit suicide can lessen the culpability of the person who committed suicide. So, there is hope. This is another reason why we pray for the souls of the dead.

I don’t have any bible specifics, but that is what the Church teaches. -]I can point you to the Catechism articles if you’d like./-]

Edit: It appears someone has already quoted the Catechism.

The issue of dispirit needs to be brought up to this subject…

To make another dispirited is the question of issue, example are children who gang up and bully another child and cause them to take their life.
WE can all agree that it is a tragidity, in a logcial sense, its not the child who came to sin, but would not God hold those that promoted the bullying in first place as a accepted social event to be the real sinners?

ONE of the deadly sins is, sloth, and sloth is the opposite of Love. or, to Love God is the greatest commandment, the opposite of loving others, is, to be indifferent to others.

And being subject to a mass indiffernce of others, shunning, isolation, or call it bullying, all lead to a dispirited mind.

This is why we as Catholics welcome persecution and shunning of by others, their indifference, for that teachs US to recognize that Humility gives US the wisdom to know that we dont like it, so we have the Wisdom to not do it to others.

and for that, we reach out to others that are low in Spirit and help them…

the beatitudes teach this. the real sin is those that bring others to be dispirited, not the dispirited.

Yeah. As already said, we humans can’t say who God forgives or doesn’t forgive. I personally like to think that people who’ve committed suicide are not damned.

Hey Lucky_VII,

First off I would like to say I’m sorry for you lose and will be praying for your cousin. Now like others have posted, we can’t say for sure who is in hell, even if they committed suicide. The Catholic Church teaches that people go to hell if they commit a mortal sin and refrain from God’s mercy. Now for a sin to be mortal it has to meet three requirements: 1) has to be a grave sin, 2) the person has to know the sin he is committing is a grave sin,and 3) the person has to give free consent to the sin. So if the person was deeply depressed and not in the right state of mind then you couldn’t say the person gave their free consent to the sin. Therefore the sin wouldn’t be mortal, and they wouldn’t go to hell for that sin. So I always tell people when we discuss suicide to pray for that person who passed and leave them to God who truly knows.

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