What do you think happens to a persons soul if they commit suicide? I know someone that is borderline.

It’s objectively a grave sin. Whether it is a mortal sin is something for God to judge as there are a lot of psychological issues involved. Someone who is borderline needs to hear they are loved by people in this world and that they still have purpose here.

She has, it’s not working.

One of my very closest friends committed suicide 3 1/2 years ago.
I know that he was feeling very depressed and, in fact came from a family where it was very prevalent. His sister and mother had attempted suicide - both at the age of 42. They received counseling and medication and are alive today. My friend succeeded in his attempt - also at the age of 42.
While it is objectively a grave sin, as Genesis315 stated above, we can still pray that God in his infinite mercy will save that person. The Church does not teach that the person will go “straight to hell” as previously thought. The Church teaches that the person is left to the mercy of God.
I’m sure you already have, but try to get your friend to seek help - and keep praying. I wish I had known about my friend’s agony.
God bless.

My aunt and my cousin (her daughter) both committed suicide in their 40s. I also had a high school friend who killed herself.

A good priest friend of mine explained that for some people, their brains aren’t working correctly. The wrong answer keeps coming out (like a faulty computer) which is just to escape whatever pain they are going through. If someone who is not “in their right mind” commits suicide, it is like an illness, and God will not punish them for that.

One thing that really helped me when my cousin committed suicide was that I could pray for her at the time of her death (even though I found out 2 days later) because God is outside of our idea of time. So even though I’m praying for her after the fact, God in his Infinite Wisdom knows I will be praying for her and will apply those graces at the time they are needed.

If your friend suffers from depression or other mental illnesses, please encourage her to seek professional help. If she is Catholic (and even if she’s not), please urge her to see a priest. The spirit of oppression is horrible and can lead people to despair. You can receive anointing of the sick for this.

Have some masses said for the suicidal person (as well as for those who have done so). They will be weighed in the balance for that soul on the day of their particular Judgement, and for the living may help give the will to overcome.

The soul of those who complete suicide are left to the Mercy of God, more than that we can’t know. There are deep theological discussions concerning the amount of culpability one who suffers from Mental Illness bears…so, if someone complete’s suicide pray for their soul.

Also pray that the suicide had a last minute repentance. We can’t know what goes between God and him between the time of the irrevocable act and the moment of death.

CCC 2280: “We are stewards, not owners, of the life God has entrusted to us. It is not ours to dispose of.”

CCC 2281: “Suicide is contrary to love for the living God.”

CCC 2282: “Grave psychological disturbances, anguish or grave fear of hardship, suffering, or torture can diminish the responsibility of the one committing suicide.”

CCC 2283: “The Church prays for persons who have taken their own lives.”

This would seem to say that yes, suicide is a grave sin and definitely contrary to God’s love. However, circumstances can diminish culpability, and certainly we can and should pray for those who have taken their lives.


If someone you know is borderline suicidal, where they may be going if they commit suicide is not as important as trying to get this person to seek out help. God is merciful. My father committed suicide when I was a child and it was the most devasting thing that ever happen to me and had ill affects on my life for decades… Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem if you think your friend is likley to go through with committing suicide it is not betrayal to intervene. Go talk to someone yourself that may give you solid advice on what to do or what you might be able to do.

**Amen to that. :thumbsup: **

I’m praying for your friend.:crossrc:

What do you think happens to a persons soul if they commit suicide? I know someone that is borderline.

i think that only God in His Divine mercy and love makes that decision.

Love your friend, pray for that friend, it is all you can do. i think everyone is right that your friend needs help. Also, take your friend to Adoration have your friend sit, be still in His presence. Yes, also have a Mass said for your friend.

i will pray for your friend and for you Littlepaperstar, may God the Father send your friend peace, may God the Son show Himself to your friend through others, may God the Holy Spirit whisper love in your friend’s ears.
May Mary our Mother hold your friend, may Saint Michael the Archangel be sent by God the Father, to help your friend in battle.

May God be with you littlepaperstar, you are truly a wonderful person to care and worry as you do. May God the Father bless you always.

Chyna :crossrc:

thank you everyone!

If the person believes in God, then they would have to at least understand the fact that they certainly aren’t going straight to Heaven if they kill themselves so whatever pain they are currently in it will be at least equally as bad in Purgatory and might even be eternal in Hell. If the person does not believe in God you have a real problem.

what I think is irrelevant. Only God can judge the condition of a soul at the moment of death. Suicide is objectively a mortal sin, but subject to the usual conditions, full knowledge and free will consent. Only God knows whether this person had full knowledge of the gravity of the act and whether he acted freely, or under compulsion from mental disorder. I have know idea what you mean when you say you “know someone who is borderline.” Borderline what? If you know someone who is threatening suicide refer to them to a crisis intervention center at once and don’t waste time on an internet forum.

No, that is NOT all you can do! If you know for sure that a person is suicidal, and you report that to the authorities, then that person can be involuntarily committed for observation for 72 hours. In that time, mental health professionals can evaluate the person and recommend further treatment. I am not sure, but I think if they can prove the person is still suicidal, that they can petition the court to continue the involuntary commitment.

Now, this might make the friend angry, but if you save their life, what does that matter? Even if they never speak to you again, you did what was necessary, and it is a corporal (and maybe spiritual too, if you prevent them committing a grave sin) work of mercy to do so. A real friend is willing to damage or lose the friendship in order to save the friend.

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