Suicides at IPad Factory

I would LOVE to get the new Apple IPad - but find it very hard to justify in light of the news of these suicides - really gave me pause.

I went back and watched the video on — and find that I am thinking more and more about needs vs wants - it has always been something I try to consider, but started to think more about it…

wow :frowning:

This is something I really don’t consider enough… that much of what we buy is actually made in conditions like this.

Apple, HP, and Dell all claim to be investigating.

I hope there will be changes, because I’m a big Apple fan–and that’s a situation which can’t be allowed to continue.

I know… the idea that someone suffers to give me an unnecessary tech goodie - or anything like that really is bothering me, can’t seem to walk away from this now… :frowning:

Me too… I really enjoy the Apple products… but :confused: at what price???

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