Suitable Music to Listen to

That s right i whould like to know what music is suitable for me because for some time afther i been listening to many pop and dance songs even trance i never realised it had alot sublimital messages where it mentions devil it made me like confused and everything

since i woked up currently since last year or this not shure i started to feel diffrence how i was before not shure if is holy spirit leading me and telling me i should avoid to listen to such music like trance many you know many trance musics has to much sexual immorality lyricis but there s some ones called casada dj songs there s good and bad ones but should i totaly avoid 90s version and 2000s? all these songs and rather listen to mozart or something even gregorian chant i just noticed and stuff i know there s many other songs which give glory to our lord trough that s why i whould like to hear your opinion?

Because for some reason many so based rock and roll songs can affect people even me did it cause you some kind of feeling what get you that thing its even possible to cause lust been there so that s why i am saying of course not all rock songs but ok

I already know that hard rock is really even worse and dangerous for us to listen if you didnt know just read some statistic by catholic web sites been reading how it affect people s minds and saw documentary

well that whould be all i just want to know what music artist to avoid and what s good to keep that i can not be led astray plus there s an interesting songs by kim wilde

i wonder if you heared about it and many other groups i know of course each person is difrence and effect but again we all should know that one wise word said is you become what you listen

This mornining my play list as I did my makeup was:

CeLo Green
Frank Sinatra
Resurrection Band
Sam Smith
Gregorian Chant Choir
Johnny Cash

To find replacements it’s important to at least know what you look for in music.

As far as I’m aware, research has been generally skewing towards hard rock and metal having positive psychological effects, particularly among those who enjoy the genres on their own merit. This article, while not covering the most comprehensive study imaginable, does delve a bit into where the research seems to be leading us, specifically:

  • These genres help people cope with anxiety, depression, anger, and other negative emotions.
  • People have been confusing correlation and causation. (e.g. Is it the music that makes people depressed, or do depressed people tend to seek out the music?)
  • (Not covered) Those who enjoy metal on its own tend to be positively affected by it, which might just be part of a general phenomenon where people tend to be positively affected by music that they enjoy.

So if you listen to religious music you become a saint? :grin: Or does it count as prayer instead of actually praying?
Maybe you just need a period of silence in your life. Maybe it’s not the rhythm that you need but lack of it.

Sorry for late reply no it doesnt work like that my freind when we listen to clean songs and songs what s based on faith for example church songs or some other songs what s based about our lord then it can affect us great to grow more in faith yet i saw

documentary how music can affect us of course for example you can google how our mind reflect to music like metal and many others and you will see result since many music today are about sexual themes

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I think it all depends on how much music might affect you.

Please check this link

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