Sultan of Brunei unveils strict sharia penal code to include severing of limbs

“Fines and jail terms for offences such as indecency, pregnancy out of wedlock and failure to attend Friday prayers, with future penalties to include flogging and death by stoning.”

“A second phase covering crimes such as theft and robbery is to be implemented later this year, involving more stringent penalties such as severing of limbs and flogging for crimes such as abortions, adultery and homosexual acts.”

This is a well educated, well travelled man. Knighted by the Queen. Worth $20billion. Received honours and awards from other world leaders for his generosity to his subjects: they all receive free housing, a car, education to tertiary level and don’t pay taxes.

Why do this?

Severing of hands and limbs for theft is not new. Neither is stoning. It seems to me that we just have evidence of another tyrant joining the ranks of those who oppress others. Having a higher education, or being “highly educated” has little to do with one being a tyrant. I think folks need to get over the idea that “being educated” brings with it a promise of some kind of morality, compassion or care for others. It simply does not.

The nature of a person is rooted in their soul, not what kind of schooling they got. Just look at serial killers. A good many of them are super intelligent. Yet they have no ability to be empathetic or compassionate. They are predators and will always be such. Some of these types, such as the Sultan, just find a way to blend into the political world they exist in to thrust their terror on others.

You asked why do this?..

The basic answer is hes a muslim leader ruling a muslim country and want the laws to be muslim too ( sharia law )…to those of us not living in that kind of country those laws and punishments are unbelievably cruel…but to muslims they believe its what god wants of them…

I imagine it’s because he believes it’s the right thing to do. After all, if you’re a temporal ruler who believes in obeying God, shouldn’t you do all you can to make your laws conform to God’s laws? You certainly cannot look to modern secularism for answers!

Of course, if I were a Christian sultan, I wouldn’t be imposing a “Christian” set of laws, because we have a somewhat different understanding of how best to promote the work of the Holy Spirit. Unlike ancient Judaism and Islam, Christianity really doesn’t come with a “civil law” component, except that we are to obey our temporal leaders as long as they don’t cause us to violate our consciences. In times past, when rulers DID impose “Christian” laws, what you generally got was a lot of blood–eg religious wars in Europe.

You can sincerely, truly believe you’re doing right, and still be vastly wrong. And great harm can result.

Maybe if we actually punished people in this country, instead of letting multiple-occurrence drunk drivers off on probation, or excused rapists because they had an unhappy childhood, this might be a better place to live. And no, I’m not recommending limb-severing.

The law has a moral component. This is a Christian nation. :confused:

He’s got power. Simple.

This self righteousness clearly is man made.:mad:

Sorry, Im very disappointed.


I thought the world was supposed to moving forward due to Western progressives. :rolleyes:

Or is this another example of diversity?


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