Summary of Humanae Vitae

I currently work in the RCIA program at my church. Most of the time I use materials that I create on my own. I have been able to customize my lessons (using good orthodox sources that I have in my own library AND with the help of my priest). I find that by doing this I can carefully explain the various beliefs of the church AND do it in a manner that is not too complicated and that the average person can understand. One of the topics that I will be delving into shortly is the Church’s position on birth control. I have a better than average understanding of Humanae vitae, but I would like to find a website (preferably) that is relatively thorough in its explaination of the main concepts behind Humanae Vitae but does so in a way that the average convert can easily understand. In short, I’m looking for something that isn’t ridiculously simplistic (and therefore not informative and/or convincing) but is also reader friendly. Kind of a “Humanae Vitae for Dummies.” I would love to find a site that I could use as a reference for anyone that I’m working with. Thanks.

I can’t believe no one has responded to your post. Look up Dr. Janet Smith, she teaches on the issue of birth control.

Also, read up on Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II. Christopher West wrote a wonderful book about sex and marriage.

Refer to the Catechism #2370

Peace of Christ,

Thank you Super64. I actually have the Janet piece on tape (they were given away for free at church). It’s a wonderful tape, and its nice to now have a written version. I’m a little surprized as well at the lack of hits on this topic. Perhaps I should post it in a different part of the forums. Anyway, thank you for the suggestions - they are good ones.

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