Summary VII Entrances and Professions 2010 and 2009


The Sisters of Loretto

 **Two final professions **in 2010

[]( (Donna--scroll down)

in Fall-Winter Part I issue o*f Loretto Magazine,* page 6.

[]( (Elizabeth)

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (in US, GA,IL,MA,NM, NY--i international)

**Two final professions**

**Two in temporary vows


Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

**Final Profession**


*Previous:*  **Final profession **Oct 2009


Religious of the Assumption

**Final profession** 2009


OSB Monastery of the Immaculate Conception, Ferdinand, IN

 **Final profession ** November 2010 

Previously I reported a final profession and a novice. However,  
I just reviewed their blog back through 2008 and discovered the following:

One new postulant, two novices, two first professions, one final profession in 2008.


OSB Monastery of St. Scholastica ---Fort Smith, Arkansas

**FInal Profession** July 2010

[](   “Horizons” newsletter July 2010

**New postulant** Sept 2010  in Horizons Newsletter Nov 2010 


OSB Annunciation Monastery Bismarck, ND

** Final Profession**  Aug 2010 and **new novice**

Previous issues of *Tidings m*agazine:

Winter 2009 --**-New postulant,** (Now the novice)
Winter 2008-- **Two first professions**

Maryknoll Sisters

August 2009,--**-4 final professions and 3 first professions** at       Maryknoll, NY, in Guatemala and Tanzania.


Sisters of St. Francis--Clinton IA Midwest

**Second year novice and first profession **summer 2009

[]( (scroll down)

*Sisters of St. Francis *--Litttle Fall, MN MIdwest, Mexico, Guatemala

**Two first professions  **from Mexico


*Benet Hill Monastery, OSB * Colorado Springs CO

From their newsletter: 

**Two first professions** Fall 2010

**Two first professions** (former Visitation nuns)  Spring 2009


School Sisters of Notre Dame

** First Profession ** Aug 2010

*Previous:* **Final Profession** June 2009



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