Summer Break- Bye For Now


I need a break from CAF, and CAF needs a break from me. With the reservation to come back if there is time in the hectic schedule of raising two girls during the summer at my age (not old, but certainly not young), I am taking the summer off from CAF.

Please continue to pray for my family and me, as we navigate the court and attempt to adopt our grandchildren. Rest assured, my prayers continue for all of you.

You can email me via my link in my profile.

See you in late August or early September!



You and your family will be in my Prayers… God bless you and have a wonderful summer:)


Prayers coming your way, “Burbs”! I’ll miss your posts. However, I’ve been thinking along the same lines. I may be taking a break myself here soon. I hope all goes well with your grandchildren.


God bless and be safe. I will add my prayers.


Seee you in September. :smiley: Song of my youth. :smiley: Have a great summer and you will be in my prayers.


I will miss you!!! If you get a chance to bring the kids down this way (Champaign county area) or to the reindeer ranch (fall is best) let me know and we can meet up. We have some decent events in the summertime here too… I don’t know if they will be doing it this year, but the local Christian radio station usually has a free concert in the park over the summer… good time! Email me if you are coming down this way!!!


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