Summer horror MOVIES: District 9 & Orphan

I saw both of these movies. Both were disturbing, yet entertaining. It’s difficult to compare them. I didn’t want to go through the effort of making two threads so feel free to discuss both. I liked Orphan more however.

I really want to see District 9! Not so much Orphan though… If I remember I’ll come back here after I see the first one :slight_smile:
What did you like about orphan?

I’m going to see District 9 tomorrow. It looks good, though I know it will have more cussing and violence than I would like. Hopefully it will be somewhat worth it though.

Orphan was scary. I’m not usually scared much by today’s horror films. I mean, it had its faults, but it was a good film. District 9 had a ton of cursing and was really violent. I ususlly don’t like films that are disgusting. Both were strong films that recieced a limited audience rating form the USCCB so I would be mindful of who I took to see them. THey aren’t date or family films!

District 9.lots of gore.equal to starship troopers.
first part is like watching the news or a documentary,then it switches.
earns it’s R effects.scary people.aliens look cool.

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