Summer Plans/Vacations

I guess I am bored and want to liven up the forum! I would like to know what you all are going to do for the summer break and where you going on vacations?? This should be interesting!

We just returned from Destin FL…just the two of us. It was idyllic on the beach. Got a great house too!

Wow! I don’t live very far from Destin! I live in Panama City! Did you have fun? Those beach rentals are cool.

I am going to Gettysburg to attend the 150th reenactment of the battle. My friend and I will also be visiting Antietem and Harper’s Ferry and Fort McHenry and Philadelphia.

A cabin in a state park with no wi fi. :thumbsup:

If you can, visit the Battle of Chickamuckga. I think that is how it is spelled. I had a book on it one time. It is a beautiful place!

Yeah, but can you really live without wifi? :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll definitely try and fit it in. We’re there for ten days, but the Gettysburg battle is going to take up four of those days. We always try and pour too much into our vacations :smiley:

You are quite welcome!! :slight_smile:

Sounds like heaven! :heaven:

Five and a half weeks in South Africa with my daughter, son-in-law and 4 precious grandchildren…and it will be winter there.

(Mid August I will arrive back here to temperatures around 40 C!!!)

We are going to the fabulous “porchville” this year!! lol

Things like needing a new roof & a few other smaller projects sent ideas of a vacation right out the window. We still scheduled a week off, just to do local fun things that don’t break the bank.

My husband and I will spend a few days in Singapore next month and will go to Bali towards the end of summer. So excited, haven’t been away in ages.

You must live in England or some other country where the temp reading is in Celcius! I will have to learn how to read that! :eek:

I think I seen Bali on that movie "Eat, Pray, and Love’ with Julia Roberts. It is such a lovely place!

I’m working on this too, Becca, in preparation for moving to Australia :slight_smile:

Here’s a poem I ran across that may be helpful as a “guide”:

30 is hot,
20 is nice,
10 is chilly,
0 is ice.

Another one that I use as a guide is 23C = 73F (both end with 3, and 23C is supposed to be the “optimum” temperature, so just think of a nice 73 degree day).

By the way, the above poem: 30=86, 20=68, 10=50, and 0=32.

Hope this helps a little :slight_smile:

In other words, almost anywhere except North America :wink:

I have a link saved to an on-line conversion site (weights, measures and temperatures, not to Catholicism :wink: ) to help me when conversing on the www to my North American friends. Becca and Morwenna, this would probably help you both. Plus 40 C is 104 F :wink:

Thank you so much!! That will help a lot! And another thing too, I dont’ know if Australia does it but England only tells time by military standards. I have finally learned how to do that!! :smiley:

You live in Arabia?? That must be so hot and still so beautiful!!

Hot, for sure. Beautiful? Not so sure about that. Stark, yes. Some beautiful sunsets, yes. Unrelenting shades of brown, that too. I will say it is interesting, and I try to appreciate that I get to see, in real time, buildings that are part of the legends of this area to most of the people I know and will remain so.

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