Summer Volunteer Programs w/ religious orders?

Hey guys!

Here’s the thing- I’m a college student coming up on summer break. I’d like to spend it doing something worthwhile. I was wondering if anyone knew of volunteer programs hosted by women religious orders that run for the summer? Preferably in the Northeast, that are either paid or give a small stipend? Thanks for any help!:slight_smile:

I personally don’t know of any, but why not call local Dioceses to see? If you aren’t comfortable making a ton of phone calls, I found this list of all the Dioceses in the U.S., which provides a link to their websites. If there is anything else I can help with, feel free to let me know! :slight_smile: By the way, I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you want to spend your summer volunteering at/with religious orders.

Father ho lung in haiti. Missionaries of the poor.

You might check out these folks:

The Little Sisters of the Poor do, although maybe not for this Summer, but you could ask

Thanks guys! Looks like a lot of the deadlines for them have already passed but I’ll keep looking.

no problem :slight_smile: here’s another link where you might find something, God bless!

with the Salesians :thumbsup: or

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