Summit on global sexual abuse in the church


Pope Francis is summoning the presidents of every bishops conference around the world for a February summit to discuss preventing clergy sex abuse and protecting children.

Francis’ key cardinal advisers announced the decision on Wednesday, as the latest chapter in the Catholic Church’s long-running sex abuse and cover-up scandal has thrown Francis’ papacy into crisis.

The February 21-24 meeting is believed to be the first of its kind, and signals a realisation at the highest levels of the church that clergy sex abuse is a global problem and not restricted to the Anglo-Saxon world, as many church leaders have long insisted.

Francis’ papacy has been jolted by accusations he rehabilitated a top American cardinal from sanctions imposed by Pope Benedict XVI for having molested and harassed adult seminarians.

The Vatican hasn’t responded to the accusations by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, but has promised “clarifications” that presumably will come sometime after Francis’ meeting Thursday with the US delegation.

The Vatican said the meeting would be headed by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, head of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, and also include Francis’ top sex abuse adviser, Cardinal Sean O’Malley.


do you understand what the logistics are of calling all those people to the Vatican. People can’t just drop their entire schedules, but they have to move things around to all find a good time to meet.
The president of every Bishops Conference globally.

At the moment our President is dealing with things on a national level. he can’t just drop them, especially the issue of the seal of confession. And I imagine its the same with issues for everyone.

And I bet there is a lot of homework being done in the preceding 5 months.


Exactly. If the Pope had said he was scheduling the conference for next week, it would obviously just be for show. Nobody would have the time to do any meaningful preparation. It would be nothing more than a public relations exercise.


And this summit is a deflection from those accusations. Abuse of children needs to be stopped, but there is also the issue of homosexual clergy that also needs to be addressed.


I get the feeling that no matter what he does, it won’t be good enough for you and many others.


You know, the Church is global. Its not just USA or Chile or Australia.

And as Bartholomew says, there is going to be a lot of prep in this. People don’t just get to throw opinions and unsubstantiated fact around.

There will be research done.

And I am flagging your uncharitable comments about me making excuses for Pope Francis.


have you seen what is going on in Australia, and all the work done here.


Let us HOPE AND PRAY we see definite action and some specific and definite justice. May this SHAKE ALL OF THE AUTHORITY in the Church up that the door has closed on satan and we are CLEANING HOUSE!


thats already happening in Australia.

I think this will be a global think tank on the issue. Its mission is
““discuss preventing clergy sex abuse and protecting children.””


I flagged it too.


an interesting statement in that press release, although with a journalist bent, is that

the February 21-24 meeting is believed to be the first of its kind, and signals a realisation at the highest levels of the church that clergy sex abuse is a global problem and not restricted to the Anglo-Saxon world, as many church leaders have long insisted.


Patience, young Grasshopper.


has this news broken in the usa yet?

its only on one of the wires here. but I give it an hour…


‘‘Francis’ decision comes in the wake of reports and revelations of abuse by priests and religious persons in countries throughout the world, including the United States, Ireland, Australia, Chile, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Italy and also Asia.’’


Until the Bishop Barros business blew up in Chile, it had been my impression, too, that the sexual abuse of young males was an evil primarily afflicting the Church in the English-speaking countries. Elsewhere in Latin America there had been many incidents, over the years, but mainly involving teenage girls, which society at large sees as a less serious offense, even if the law doesn’t.

However, the severe and very public embarrassment that Pope Francis was subjected to in the course of his visit to Chile, earlier this year, put the problem into perspective. He has accepted the resignation of only five Chilean bishops so far, which seems to be letting them off more lightly than they deserve. Presumably Archbishop Charles Scicluna will be in attendance at the February get-together, with his clipboard ready for accepting on-the-spot resignations.


As important as the issue of preventing child sex abuse is, this summit is also going to also address the prevention of abuse of “vulnerable adults”, per WSJ:

Presumably then this will include the issues of preventing abuse of seminarians etc.


I hope those in attendance SPEAK UP AND SPEAK UP FRANKLY! This needs to ALL be laid on the table and the Pope needs to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. The time for silence is OVER! I sure hope those in attendance speak their minds and also that the Pope can see how he MUST do something and do it now.


its going to be an eye opener if Pell is found guilty. The conviction of the Australian Adelaide Archbishop in historic cover ups has paved the secular road in touching what was thought once, untouchable.

Then if we have a cardinal found guilty…I wonder if his trial will be done by Feb. Its yet to start though and is on allegations of abuse. But he is also being accused, (but not charged ) with coverups. But then he did so much to clean out seminaries here from all the bad seed that was also found in USA in places

Pope Francis convokes world-wide meeting of bishops on abuse crisis

What is the timetable, Rose? I remember following the committal hearings, but I didn’t know, or didn’t remember, that a date had been set for the trial itself.


its all gone very quiet.
for some reason…
this was the last anyone heard about it, around this time and about this media ban

but one would assume the media would still be able to report the trial had actually started. and be outside the court harassing all going in and coming out.

Pell would have been one of the 9 or 12 that was dealing with the document about to be released on the USA situation tomorrow.

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