Summorum Pontificum

What is Summorum Pontificum? I STRONGLY support Pope Benedict XVI for restoring the Sacred Liturgy. I have heard that SP will restore the Tridentine Mass, but what exactly will it do? Thank You.

See It was issued in July 2007.

It worth read in the entirety.

I see no major issues in what is written ; the dangers lie in how it is acted on;
If it is acted on in the spirit of Unity and love and solidarity with all our brothers and sisters;
then there will be only good fruit but if it is jumped on as a bandwagon for the forcing changes on others from some position of moral superiourity then there is the risk of the same cloud affecting the church that certain people claim distorted the true aims of Vatican II down a road not intended. I watch and hope for all to now focus on Unity of the Church Faithfull and the Value of all forms of worship that are clearly Christ focused and completely faithfull to the doctrines and dogmas of the Church. And together we can direct our focus to dealing with the evils of the world around us and the heracys that would try to undermine our real strength our TRUE FAITH and application of TRUE CHRISTIAN VALUES. :thumbsup:

Like many people I rejoiced at Summorum Pontificum but in practice it hasn’t always had the impact I hoped. To give three examples:

*]Summorum Pontificum confirmed that every priest has an unqualified right to say Mass in the Extraordinary (Tridentine) Form, without needing permission from his superiors. In practice, however, peer pressure from other priests and the disapproval of superiors means that many priests are reluctant to insist on their rights. (I have direct knowledge of one case where a priest in my diocese expressed interest in saying the Traditional Mass, but backed down a few weeks later under pressure.)
*]Summorum Pontificum confirmed that the Extraordinary Form was never suppressed and was equal in status to the Ordinary (Vatican II) rite. However this was not welcomed by many, perhaps most, bishops or by priests, particularly of the “Vatican II” generation. They are in no hurry to spread the word and indeed there are some who are openly biding their time in the hope that the next Pope will be less sympathetic to tradition. (Interestingly, the greatest interest in the revival of the Traditional Mass seems to be among younger priests and indeed younger Catholics.)
*]It appeared that Summorum Pontificum greatly strengthened the position of lay people who wish to have access to the Traditional Mass. In practice, however, they still come up against stubborn resistance in many dioceses and it is only with great persistence (if at all) that this can be overcome. (Again, I have direct experience of this in my own diocese.)

By the way while there is no doubt that the Pope would like to see the Vatican II liturgy celebrated more reverently and in accordance with the rubrics, he never had any intention of replacing it with the Traditional one as some groups like the followers of the Society of St Pius X would wish. They challenge the very validity of the Vatican II rite, whereas the Pope has made it absolutely clear that such a question does not arise.

Remember that that is only when he celebrates Mass ‘without the people’, IOW, his private Mass. Yes, people may request permission to attend, but it’s not a public Mass.

There is also a limit to who can celebrate the EF.

SP Art. 5 § 4 Priests who use the Missal of Bl. John XXIII must be qualified to do so and not juridically impeded.

I don’t think our Pastor would be qualified since his knowledge of Latin & the EF is lacking.

True of many if not most priests, but Latin study is being pushed more in the seminaries and pre-seminaries, and not only to say the EF but the Latin OF(or parts of it) as well. There was a considerable period when Latin was almost abolished completely so it will take a while to restore. It shouldn’t be for scholars only.

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