Sun 5th Oct 2008 - Optional Memorial: ST FAUSTINA (Sunday takes precedence)


Sunday 5th October
Day of Obligation
(Sundays take precedence over optional memorials)

Optional Memorial
St. Faustina

Ranking of Sundays on Liturgical Calendar

[LEFT]While in the case of the Optional Memorial of St. Faustina on Sunday, it is ranked in our liturgy under Sundays in Ordinary Time, which must take precedence, we can remember St. Faustina in some way on Sunday. I am sure The Lord wouldn’t mind at all:thumbsup:
October 2008
6. Bruno; Bl. Marie Rose Durocher (USA), Opt. Mem.7. Our Lady of the Rosary, Memorial12. Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sunday14. Callistus I, Opt. Mem.15. Teresa of Jesus, **(St. Teresa of Avila)**Memorial


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