Greetings from a toasty-red Allegra! :mad:

I have always been susceptible to sunburn, to the extent that I wear a moisturizer with sunscreen every day on my face. However, the past year has been ridiculous! Pretty much every time I’ve been outdoors in my bathing suit, I’ve been really heavily burned. I’m using the same really-high-SPF sunscreen that my pediatrician recommends for my bald-as-a-boiled-egg, bone-china-skinned infant (and it works perfectly for him!) but it isn’t working for me. Is it normal for one’s skin to be more susceptible to sun as they get older? The issue is primarily my shoulders and neck, as I always wear a hat for additional protection for my face. Does anyone have a product they’d recommend, or shall I just resign myself to a life of swimming in a t-shirt like a Baptist? Do they make rash guard swimsuits for grownup people?

I’ve noticed that my skin burns easier as I get older. I have a rash guard that I got for surfing that is pretty effective at blocking the sun as well (it claims to be SPF 50 or something). Any surf shop or website will sell them.

There was a woman on Shark Tank that sold really cute full coverage swim suits.
Looked like leotards but really pretty.

Oops. They’re expensive. :blush: But they work.

Oh, I thought I remembered these being cheaper. Anyways, you could peruse these

CDC says that in the weeks before the summer solstice, that angle of the Sun rays becomes more and more direct and in late spring and early summer the UV rays are at their greatest. T-shirts generally have an SPF of 5. SPF higher than 50 is “inherently misleading” according to FDA statement made in 2007.

I have so much sun damage that the doctor said not to go out at all, even with sunscreen.

My skin is already red, so I rarely get sunburn. On the positive side, when I get it, you can barely tell. Looking like you’re sunburn year round has its benefits. Where I live, we have quite a few days above 38 degrees Celsius (about 100 Fahrenheit), but, inevitably, when it gets the hot, it usually ends up cloudy, even if doesn’t rain. I have read that you can still get sunburn on cloudy days, maybe, but it’s never happened to me. Like I said, though, I rarely get sunburn. The worse thing about sunburn, in my opinion, is the peeling skin, which for some reason, I think looks kinda cool

They totally do sell rash guards for grownups.

My husband and I have Landsend ones and they’re fantastic for water parks. But, for us grownup ladies, we need something UNDER the rash guard.

The worst thing about sunburn is it increases your chances of melanoma.

Allegra, for you, are you applying enough of the sunscreen? A lot of people don’t apply enough to get full coverage.

Remember, the UV that causes sunburn reflects off the water as well, double your dosing! Likewise, if you are doing more that getting your feet wet, you are probably washing the sunscreen off, plus adults perspire more, which also washes it off!

Sunburns are dangerous! My wife, in her sixth decade, has had several surguries for skin cancer, she is a German Blond. Hanging out in the sun isn’t worth it anymore!

Good Luck.

There are conditions such as lupus that can cause unusual photosensitivity. If you have had a noticeable change in how easily you sunburn, I would get the attention of a physician–not for the sunburn, but for the symptom of burning so much easier.

Lupus, as an example, can be very difficult to diagnose. You can look up the reasons why on a site such as the Mayo Clinic’s web site, in order to educate yourself, but mostly–see a doctor, and stay out of the sun until you have. Whatever the reason for your repeated sunburns, you need to find a better way to avoid a repeat of these burns. (If you were being squalded like that with a blast of steam or a chemical or essentially anything other than sunlight, wouldn’t that go without saying? :shrug:)

Interesting idea, but I don’t know if these are really my style. It gets really hot in STL, and besides, I’m pretty fat and I don’t think this unitard would look too good on me.

I’m hoping that there’s a less extreme solution.

I haven’t got much in that department. If I can find a top that covers my shoulders and neck, I’ll be in business.

The first time I got burned, I thought that was the problem. We were on a boat all day and I was so busy chasing after my kids, serving lunch, and other stuff, I never reapplied. But the most recent time I used plenty and I still got burned.

That’s interesting, but I really don’t think I have Lupus.

My dad developed a sun sensitivity in later middle age–it’s also some sort of auto-immune thing.

He manages to continue to do ranching work, but with a hat and in the Pacific NW–so it’s not full-on Southern sun.

I wear cover ups whenever I’m out of water. I burn really easily and that’s the best solution I’ve found (in addition to reapplying etc etc.)

My husband bought me an aloe plant a few years ago and it comes in handy for all kinds of skin soothing purposes.

Soooo crunchy!

(And very practical!)

Some medications can cause increased photosensitivity.

The human skin thins out with increasing age, so it makes sense if it also burns more easily.


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