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I am camping this weekend and we are going to try to make it to Mass. I feel a little guilty though because I’m bringing sweat pants and long sleeve shirts. I usually wear my best to Mass but I feel it will not be a big possibility this weekend. Is that okay?

Yeah, you’re done

Maybe you are new to camping? When camping, a pair of jeans is wise. You may need something more substantial than sweat pants! Wear your jeans and a flannel shirt to Mass.

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I’d say Jeans are the worst thing to wear to outdoor activities - unbearable it you get rained on and wet.


LOL! It is just great to hear people trying to make Mass while camping. I sometimes felt I was on an uphill battle getting Mass squeezed into Scouting trips. Hey, you just do the best you can and go to Mass. I have gone dirty. I have gone in shorts. Even though I am a dress shirt and tie guy, I never let my appearance stop me, if it was in the cards I was dealt.


I know this comment is late for this weekend’s trip, but in the future you could always bring casual but appropriate church clothes with you just for Mass, at least a step above sweat pants, especially if you have your car with you. I’ve done this many times when camping. I’ll usually pack a skirt, shirt and shoes for Mass and leave them in the car to change into beforehand.

Judging by the manner of dress I see when I attend Mass with my Catholic wife, dressing up for Mass is not high on the list of priorities for most Catholics. As long as your clothes are somewhat modest and not profoundly soiled, you’re good to go and will blend right in.

I went to mass with jeans, brown shoes, and zipup a blue sweater I fitted in the crowd nicely :wink:

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Of course it’s fine.

Thank you for working God into your camping trip, what a powerful witness to our world who thinks nothing of dismissing the LORD’S Day as sacred.

Pope St. JPII often took young people on camping and hiking trips, they would have Mass on a rock in their hiking attire.

God bless those who sanctify His day,
Deacon Christopher


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