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I have a question about an issue. My car broke down early Saturday evening and will be looked at early Monday. The car will not stay in park and will not drive. There is major concern it is the transmission and may not be worth repairing. I only was able to visit one dealership last night. I am thinking about going car shopping later today at the two dealers near my house where my car is parked to see if there is any trade in value, but I am leaning against it since it is Sunday. I don’t shop on Sunday unless I really need something that I could not buy on Monday. Is this a situation where it is acceptable to shop on Sunday? I only plan to shop for two or three specific cars.


Well, if you really need to…

It’s never ideal though.


In Pennsylvania, you wouldn’t have a choice. Its always been against the law to sell a car on Sunday in the Commonwealth.


In my opinion, this is a matter of your own spiritual discipline. It is your practice to avoid unnecessary shopping on Sunday. If you don’t need the car urgently (for example, to go to work), then you could keep to your normal Sunday routine. If you need the car urgently, then it is necessary and acceptable to shop on Sunday.


Same in Indiana…


Believe it or not, you can’t buy one in Las Vegas on sunday, either. The county ordinance only dates to 2000; before that it was a gentleman’s agreement between the new car dealers.

Hey, everyone needs at least one blue law . . .



Unless you ABSOLUTELY need it, I wouldn’t.


Go ahead and shop away. Nothing wrong with it in the least, you need a car.

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