Sunday/Daily missal eBook

Does anyone know where one can download the Missal in e format? I am getting a Sony PRS-505 digital reader/book and want to have the Sunday Missal on it…but I am having trouble finding anywhere to download it online. It does not have to be free, although that would be a bonus!:smiley:


I don’t know if this will help you but thid article is about an iPad application that contains the complete missal.

Bump. I have a Kindle and would like a missal for it.

Try this. The pay version can generate an ebook that includes daily, monthly or yearly mass readings with the JB or NAB version. Also the entire liturgy of hours including the complete office of readings. You can, if you like just select the mass readings. It will generate mobi (for kindle) or epub (for almost everything else.

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