Sunday Dilemma--Please Help!


I’m a minor, so technically my official “work” is schoolwork, but my father really wants me to work on drawing/creative writing (my hobbies) today. However, it’s Sunday. Would it be sinful for me to draw?


Why on earth would it be sinful?


No. Drawing is permitted. Homework on Sunday is also permitted. Be sure to make time for both.


No, it would not.

Article 2184. Leisure. Your drawing is leisure.


Not only is drawing not work, you also need to obey reasonable requests from your parents.

Draw and enjoy!


How is it a hobby if your parents make you do it?


I enjoy drawing and creative writing, it’s just that on Sundays I try not to do it as much. Usually I spend Sundays on the computer, so my parents urge me to draw or go outside :smiley:


they have a point about doing something productive compared with being on the computer.

draw something about christ perhaps


What is considered work to one person could be considered a hobby to another. A person who is a landscaper as a career should consider doing something else on a Sunday for relaxation. A person who loves to garden and sees himself as a co-creator with God in creating something beautiful and is very relaxing to him may most certainly garden on Sunday. A person who works in an office should find something else to do to relax him and lead his mind to God. It is all in the mindset of the person performing the “job”. If being on the computer takes away time away from something that you could be doing with your family or God, and it is not improving your relationship with your family or God, then it is not something you should do on a Sunday.


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