Sunday Easter Mass Question?

So last night I attended the Saturday night vigil and it was such a beautiful service. I can’t wait to be up there getting confirmed next year!!! I was planning on attending mass this morning but overslept my alarm but there is another service at 9:00 PM tonight. I have an early class tomorrow (I’m in college) and kind of want to get some sleep but I’m not sure if I’m obligated to go tonight. Thanks!

You aren’t obligated. The Vigil fulfilled your obligation to attend Mass.

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Be at peace!

The Easter Vigil Mass absolutely fulfills any and all obligations to attend Mass on Easter Sunday.

In fact, given the option, the Easter Vigil Mass is the preferred choice.

You are still obligated as i discussed in another thread

If you attend the Vigil Mass, you are NOT obligated to attend on Sunday. That is that. Please stop spreading false information. Two priests have shown you in Canon Law where attending on Saturday evening fulfills the obligation for Sunday Masses, Easter or otherwise on that “other” thread. You are a new Catholic and these are learned and experienced priests that are showing you those sources, so please learn from them instead of arguing against what the Church plainly teaches.

And you are still wrong as you were repeatedly told in the other thread. :shrug:

Why do you insist on spreading false information?

You have been shown the relevant canon regarding holy days of obligation. The obligation to attend Mass is met whenever we attend a Mass on the day of obligation or in the evening before. Even though it’s Easter Sunday, there is only the obligation to attend 1 Mass. If you attend the Easter Vigil you have attended 1 Mass, obligation met.

Nothing says you can’t go back for the Easter Day Mass, but you don’t have to. You seem unable to understand that concept that any Mass celebrated the evening before meets your obligation. If there was a funeral on Saturday evening the funeral Mass would fulfill your obligation to attend Mass on Sunday.

Let me ask you this. Would an Ordination Mass on Sunday fulfill your Sunday obligation to attend Mass? Why?

I believe the priests are mistaken.

Yes a ordination mass on SUNDAY would count because it occurred on SUNDAY. i can provide evidence if you wish, that easter SUNDAY (not Saturday) is a holy day of obligation

Why do you think that? Why would the Church have Masses at 4:30 or later every Saturday evening, in most parishes in the world, if they did not count for the Sunday obligation. Essentially, you are saying the Catholic Church is wrong.

Dear readers: Please pay no attention to this post. Be assured that attending the Easter Vigil Mass absolutely fulfills any and all obligations to attend Mass on Easter Sunday.

Because we shouldn’t outlaw people from attending easter vigil and easter Sunday mass.

No, you think the entire Catholic Church is mistaken.

How very “protestant” of you.

Nobody is outlawing anyone or anything. One can attend BOTH if they choose, but attending on Saturday evening fulfills the Sunday obligation.

Please stop. You are spreading a falsehood that could trouble new Catholics or sensitive souls.


Whoa, so you are spreading false information because you think people are outlawed from attending both? That isn’t true either. People are neither forbidden nor discouraged from attending both.

Who “outlaws” that? No one is prevented from attending both if they choose to. They simply are not required. That point is not really subject to debate.

The other posters Said you cannot attend both

I am the one following the church while you are not following canon

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