Sunday evening mass


Does a Sunday evening mass (7 PM) which uses Sunday readings and all that jazz count for my Sunday obligation? I’m wondering because I’ve been going to them for a little while, but someone told me it doesn’t count because it’s after 4.30 PM which technically makes it a Monday mass. Is this true?


This is a valid Sunday Mass which fulfills your obligation. Our diocese had a regular 7 PM Sunday Mass in a some parishes to allow working people to attend, as recently as a couple of years ago. However with the shortage of priests, the ones I knew about in my area have been discontinued.

There is a parish in Florida where I went last winter that always celebrated Mass for the Spanish community at 7:00 P.M. Sunday.

The technicality is on the other end, a Saturday evening Mass after 4:30 meets the Sunday obligation because the Church has made that ruling. Any Mass between 12 AM on Sunday and Monday morning would still meet your obligation. In our diocese there is a nearby parish that has a 5:00 o’clock Mass on Sunday afternoon and it counts. My own parish is thinking about following suit. I read “all that jazz” in your post and immediately assumed before checking that you were a young’n. It is a blessing that you are one that still goes to Mass.

Sunday still lasts until midnight, that hasn’t changed. “Somebody told me” is not a valid link to your bishop or the Vatican.


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