Sunday: Good or bad time for social/professional activism?

On the one hand, Sunday is a better time than most for charitable works. And public service, including even politics, falls under charity.

On the other hand, Sunday is a bad time for doing business. It also is or at least used to be considered a bad time for hearing legal matters.

I don’t really think there’s much of an issue with something that comes down to alleviating serious injustice within a society or a profession or a branch of industry.

But what if the activity — for example writing activity (e.g. blogging) — relates more to something like good practices or good vs bad organization, fair on unfair terms within a branch of the national or the global economy?

For example rather rough treatment of subcontractor companies in lumber industry or financial services (as opposed to something more extreme, e.g. clear exploitation of employees in a part of the country where no work is available). But just an example.

What do you think?

I’d prefer to go by the Catechism rather than the older definitions of servile labour (in which non-profit writing would probably never manage to be included).

Do you consider it a giving of yourself? As in, instructing the ignorant? If so, it is a work of mercy and is appropriate on a Sunday.

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