Sunday Mass Travel

How far away do you live from your territorial parish Church? (Please give actual travel distance, not distance as the crow files.)

How do you normally get there? Walking? Driving? Bicycling? Motorbike? Public transportation?

How long does it usually take you to get to Mass?

If you frequently attend (a) parish(es) other than your territorial parish please give info for all parishes.

Home– A 5-10 minute car ride across town
College– Walk two blocks down the street to the Newman Center

I live about one mile from my territorial parish and about four miles from the parish I actually attend. I generally drive and it takes about 10 minutes to get there.

Territorial parish: about 2 miles.

Parish I prefer to attend: about 25 miles.

5 1/2 miles to my home parish (not territorial) via car. about 15 minutes.

nearby parish about 3 miles and about 10 minutes to get there.

territorial parish about 10 minutes and approx. 2 miles (I don’t go to territorial parish since no kneelers)

Territorial: 5 miles
Parish I like to attend: 20 miles (TLM)

I live about one mile from my territorial parish and four miles from the parish I attend.

I can’t help wondering what attracts you to the parish 25 miles away? EF, perhaps? Just curious, in no way critical.

I live about a mile and a half from my territorial parish. I drive there and it takes me just under 5 minutes.

However, the parish I prefer to attend is 4 miles away and takes a bit under 10 minutes to get to.

I’m in my senior year of college, and I happened to move to the town right next to where the college is, so my territorial parish has changed. I usually attend the church I went to while I was living on campus.

I live 10.2 miles from my territorial parish but I drive 75 miles to Tacoma for the TLM three Sundays a month and 45 miles to a diocesan parish once a month for the TLM.

I haven’t been to my territorial parish in over a year and a half.

I live about 10 miles from my territorial parish. I have never been to Mass there but if I did, the only way to get there would be by car and it would take about 20 minutes.

The Parish I altar serve and attend 15-20 minutes roughly 9 miles.
The Parish that I go with my grandparents from my house 30 minutes roughly 29 miles.

By Car

The church we attend is about 3-4 miles away. It takes us less than 10 minutes to get there by car.


It’s a 5 minute walk to get to church. I am so blessed. :smiley:

My territorial parish has three churches. They are half a mile (900m), half a mile (900m), and ¾ of a mile (1.3km) from my home respectively. Despite the proximity, I normally drive because I bring a lot of things with me to each church (I have responsibilities and duties in each). The drive takes 5-7 minutes (lots of traffic lights).

My secondary parish also has three churches. They are six miles (9.7km), eight miles (13.1km) and 8½ miles (13.8km) away. I have to drive there because public transportation takes too long, I don’t own a bicycle, and obviously it would be impractical to walk. The trip takes roughly 15-20 minutes.

My EF parish has four churches, but I only go to one. That one is 3¼ miles (5.3km) from home. Depending upon how much of a hurry I’m in and how long I plan to be there, I either drive or take public transport; the former takes 7-10 minutes (but costs a fortune in parking), the latter 15-20 minutes (but is much cheaper).

4 miles

In the summer it’s a half-hour drive (no exaggeration, I live in a tourist area). In the winter, 7 minutes.

EF is part of the reason, but I, in no way, have a problem with an actual reverently celebrated OF Mass (for example, if I lived in Greenville SC, I’d have no problem doing the OF Mass at St Mary’s downtown).

I prefer more traditional liturgies. Reverently celebrated. Good music. Strong Homilies. And, frankly, people who are committed enough to the Faith that they will go many miles to be in communion with likeminded folks. (See, there are a lot of people who travel miles to get to this parish for Mass)

One other thing: I actually attempt to participate as much as I can possibly stomach at my territorial parish. (2-3 weekends a month) and support it as a reader and a catechist. But there is only so much that I can stomach…that’s why I am happy to go downtown to this other parish whenever I have the opportunity.

Territorial parish: 8.5 km, 10 minute drive.

Where I usually attend Mass though: 40 km, 35 min. It’s the Benedictine abbey I’m associated with. OF Mass, but in Gregorian chant.

There are 2 churches nearby in different directions. Each is about 2 miles away. I don’t attend those. The church I attend is 11 miles away, I drive and it takes me about 20-30 minutes depending on the day and traffic.

My territorial parish is 500 feet away - about a 30 second walk. My ethnic personal parish in which I am formally registered is ~10 miles away - a 15-20 minute drive.

Growing up in a tiny rural town, it was a few minutes walk (aka a 1 minute drive at best). That parish closed, and now those parishioners have to attend 30 minutes away in the nearest ‘bigger’ small town. :slight_smile:

We drive.
We live about a 7-10 minute drive from what SHOULD be our home parish, but we are members of the one about 12-15 minutes away (aka 3/5 of the Rosary). There is another around 5-7 minutes away.

I sometimes go downtown to daily Mass, and it’s 20-25 minutes (aka one Rosary) to three of the different parishes, which doesn’t seem that far in the city in non-rush hour traffic. Half is on interstate, half is on surface streets.

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