Sunday Mass Vs. Daily Mass


Does the Sunday Mass provide any more significant graces than daily Mass? Other than it being required by cannon law to attend is Sunday Mass “better” than daily Mass in any way?


You would probably get more graces if you make yourself more receptive to them, but I don’t really know how to do that.


Mass is Mass, but we are obligated to meet our Sunday obligation and to make it to Mass on all Holy Days of Obligation.


Sunday Mass does not provide any more significant graces than daily Mass. As it has been established already, Sunday Mass and Holy Days are obligatory. In some cases, the church finds that some feast days as a daily Mass are important enough in that if they fall on a Sunday, they replace the typical Ordinary Time number and readings. One in particular is September 14th: The Exaltation of the Holy Cross. This year it was a daily Mass on Friday, but will replace the Ordinary Time readings when it falls on a Sunday. This is typical of other Feast Days as well that are not considered Holy Days of Obligation.


Mass is Mass. The only difference is Sunday is a must, as are days of obligation


The Eucharist is the same no matter what day in the liturgical calendar it is. There is an obligation to attend Holy Days but I’ve never heard before that the Sunday Mass is more massy than daily Mass.


Each mass produces the infinite grace of the sacrifice of Calvary, however the graces or energies of the intention depend to some extent on the participation of the celebrant and people. Devout understanding and thoughts of the people, music, whether it is a festival day or the Lord’s day (a weekly celebration of the Easter mystery), the time of day, etc. can all influence the spiritual benefit received from mass.


Those are feasts of Our Lord, such as Transfiguration, Holy Cross, etc. Feasts of saints never supersede a Sunday, but solemnities of saints do supersede the Sunday, the Mass is of the saint and not of the Sunday.


Well stated!


Going to daily mass has been a true blessing for me in my battle against depression. My wife told me the other day that my medical treatment and attending daily mass has really changed me for the better. Our marriage is better than ever!


A Mass is a Mass.
The only difference for Sunday Mass is that it’s an obligation. And usually better attended and with more readings and more music, etc.
You get the same grace from every Mass you attend.


I prefer daily mass because the people there (at least at my parish) are a lot more serious than just your Sunday goers. My wife and I have gotten in the habit of visiting different parishes on Sunday so we can pray in a quiet church.


Daily Mass brings the fullest of the faith of God within you and also gives the daily strength to face trials in your life :wink:


At Mass, Jesus is THERE in a special way.

If you go to Mass every day, then you are there with Him in a special way.


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