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As a younger member of the church that I go to I am often told that I go to mass to much and that younger people should be out enjoying themselves more. Just to say I do enjoy myself as a young person but I also find that I enjoy going to Mass. Recently I was asked to go away for the weekend and in doing so I would miss Sunday Mass. I asked my priest about this and he said to hand the first forms in and ask at the same time if I could go to mass while I was away for the weekend. I was told 2 weeks later that it would not be possible and now there are only 2 weeks left until we go and my parents are saying that I will have to put up with it this time.

I thiught that it would be the last Sunday of Easter that I would be going but I now know that it will be Pentecost (of all the Sundays that I could have missed) and as an alter server I really do not want to go.

Any suggestions?


Go back to your pastor for advice. He may give you a dispensation from your obligation, it is within his authority.

Or you can cancel your trip plans.

I am not sure who is telling you that you go to mass “too often” or what they mean by “too often”. do you attend daily mass?


You’ve probably though of this but would the Late evening Sunday Masses be of any use to you?

I know in the Central Belt that St Aloysious in Glasgow has something like a 9pm Sunday evening Mass.

Also this gives some mass times throughout the UK. Its not the Best website but it may help.

AS mentioned above, if all else fails and it is a just cause, you can ask your Parish Priest for a dispensation from your obligation to attend Sunday Mass.

[quote=The Code of Canon Law]Can.1245 Without prejudice to the right of diocesan bishops mentioned in can. 87, for a just cause and according to the prescripts of the diocesan bishop, a pastor can grant in individual cases a dispensation from the obligation of observing a feast day or a day of penance or can grant a commutation of the obligation into other pious works.


I attend mass normaly 3 times a week. Once on a Thirsday evening, once on Saturday with Adoration, Benediction and Confession along with Sunday Mass


[FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial]Like the others said, I would check with your priest and also look to see if there are late Sunday Masses you could attend. As for the remarks that “young people should be out enjoying themselves more” I would find it odd that a Catholic would say this to a young person who is frequenting Mass. If anything we need young people to attend Mass more often! There is no such thing as loving God too much. If anything I would simply respond by saying there are plenty of young people who go out and enjoy life; however, there aren’t many young people who go out and enjoy Him who gives Eternal Life. :thumbsup:[/FONT]


That hardly seems noteworthy or a reason for disparaging comments. Odd.

Keep doing what you are doing and ignore the detractors.

Talk to your priest about the weekend trip.


Wow. That’s “too much”? Whoever is on your case about going to Mass three times a week would pass out if they met me (I’m a very busy sacristan). Unless your Mass attendance is interfering with responsibilities in other areas of your life, I encourage you to ignore anyone who criticizes you for attending Mass three times weekly. I personally think it’s fantastic when anyone attends Mass more often than once a week on Sundays, particularly when such a person is young. God bless you! :thumbsup:

As for your actual question, 1ke has given you all the options you have. Would backing out of the weekend trip be inconvenient in some way, such as you have money invested in it that you don’t want or can’t afford to lose?

In the future, I humbly suggest you confirm the possibility of attending Mass before making a commitment to any weekend trip. Or see about a dispensation, although I sense that your primary concern with missing Sunday Mass is due to your love of the Mass and not because in doing so you don’t fulfill the obligation to go.


:confused: So who said you went to Mass to often? I am not young but I love going to Mass and I go about 5 times a week. As long as you are not skipping school to go to Mass then I see no reason you shouldn’t go everyday. :smiley: You can go to Mass then go for recreation.:wink: If anyone recommends you skip a Sunday Mass ignore them.


I would like to go on this trip and I know that a lot of effort has gone into the organisation but I still hold the church higher than all of these.


Would it be a sin if my missed Sunday Mass even though I wanted to go?


Certainly not if you speak to your pastor beforehand and he grants a dispensation.

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