Sunday Night Live

Just an FYI, I wrote EWTN and they said the show will continue Oct 7th (I was tired of seeing reruns instead of The World Over) and different friars should be doing it.

I hope to see more on faith and vocations. So many groups can come on, at times, because Father was ill, it would take longer to get through things and I hope they can regroup and have some great live shows.

Thanks for the update.:thumbsup:

When Sunday Night Prime returns it will air @ 8:00.

I agree with you about the additional World Over repeat. They should replay the Sunday Mass at 7:00 like they do during the week.

Incidentally, has anyone become weary with their programming format? Just about every program EWTN airs is a talk show. After years and years of this, I am no longer watching these shows. I would prefer something that* teaches. *

Perhaps it is a funding issue? Talk shows are inexpensive. Programs which teach while also holding the interest of the audience require more planning and investment, and thus are more expensive to produce.

Hi Dale,

Would you know whether or not EWTN accepts money from participants to purchase air time? That could solve this problem. A new Catholic priest has been speaking on TCC, Fr. Cedric Pisegna, and he mentions that he relies on support from his viewers to buy air time. He invites the listener to purchase his books, tapes, etc. He is a good speaker, but his talks are geared more to renewing the faith of those who are weak.

I guess I’m looking for something more solid. Several of Timothy Gray’s series on the bible were excellent, for instance. I bought some of his DVD’s from EWTN’s Religious Catalog. Another very interesting speaker was Fr. Emmerick Vogt whose series was called Eucharistic Principles of the Spiritual Life, which I also purchased from their Catalog.

And who could not love “Living the Discerning Life” based on St. Ignatius’ teachings?

Wonder if these few speakers paid to host their programs?

It probably is a funding issue. EWTN basically works like Public Television and they get programs from states and countries outside of Alabama.

If you haven’t seen it, the Spanish-made, dubbed children’s series “The Friar” is wonderful. My daughter calls it “Fraggle Rock” for Catholics. It’s got a very European feel and we love the songs.

I am really enjoying Dr. Ray as well. He gets a bit too jocular for my tastes but he’s got good horse sense and a great message. And Fr. Larry often shows up! (Oh, I wish I could get them both to come talk to our blended family!!!)

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