Sunday obligation for those who travel?


I was wondering if there was an official church stance or teaching to those who travel extensively throughout the year as their occupation. I had in mind professional athletes, musicians, actors, speakers etc who are required to do a performance or what have you on Sundays and cannot exactly ‘rest’ on that day or may even be in a situation where its not physically possible to get to church to fufill their obligation? Just curious if there are any stories on that anywhere, thanks!


That’s a new variation on the question! I don’t know of any specific stories except those told by Catholic performers, etc who talk about going out of their way to find a Mass on Sunday. They are bound by the same obligation the rest of us are. And like the rest of use, they can ask, in advance, for a dispensation. Someone who works a swing shift, say, and cannot make any ordinary Mass time of Saturday evening/Sunday, would simply need to speak to their priest. Folks who are famous/powerful enough of course would be able to either change their own schedule or else have a priest say a private Mass for them and the others in their group. But of the average business traveler, checking ahead for Mass times on their route will usually turn up a regularly scheduled Mass that they can attend. Just as an experiment, I checked for the daily Mass schedules at local churches when I was last out of town. With just a bit of jiggling in my schedule, I could have attended Mass every day that I was gone (unfortunately, I didn’t check before I started the trip and so wasn’t able to make the necessary changes).


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