Sunday obligation question

I just returned from a Ukrainian Catholic Divine Liturgy that started at 5 PM tonight, but the readings were for the Feast of Saint Andrew, which was today and not for the Sunday . Would my Sunday obligation still be fulfilled? Thank you.

The readings do not matter. As long as it was after 4 P.M, your obligation is fulfilled.


Can.* 1248 ยง1. A person who assists at a Mass celebrated anywhere in a Catholic rite either on the feast day itself or in the evening of the preceding day satisfies the obligation of participating in the Mass.

Thank you for the replies bben15 and 1ke.

Yes. Hope you enjoyed Ukrainian Catholic liturgy :slight_smile:

St. Andrew is a great saint, what can one say. The first Apostle. Btw, it is Double of the II Class in the EF calendar. (It will be transferred next year to Monday when the 30th falls on a Sunday.)

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