sunday obligation question

I work at a summer camp and this is how our weekend schedule goes:

Saturday morning troops check out, work in the shop. We’re done around noon and we’re off work until Sunday at 10:00. I go to Mass Saturday at 5:00.

Sunday at 10:00 we work either checking troops in or work at the shop (which is all physical work, rolling tents, cleaning pig buckets, sorting trash, etc.). We have about an hour off, then dinner, opening flag ceremony, chapel, and opening campfire.

Is this okay? I’m a little confused on the Sunday thing. What am I supposed to do Sundays besides Mass (which I do on Saturdays)?


PS Hello to anyone from St. Mary of the Woods in Kalkaska, MI!

The Saturday vigil fulfills your obligation.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, meaning no unnecessary work, spending time with family ,etc. However, your work is necessary-- you are required to do it for your job, and since this is a summer job I assume it supplies your income for the school semesters, at least partially.

Try to set aside some time to read the bible, do a devotion (rosary for example).

If you have any doubts, consult your pastor.

You have nothing to worry about. Any mass after 4:00 pm on Saturday fulfills your Sunday obligation. I realize it may be tough to get more alone time but if you can say a few prayers to spend some time reading your Bible. But rest assured your obligation has been meant.


Obligation met. No problem. Say a Rosary, something like that, if you can. but, yes, your Sunday obligation has been met.

As others have mentioned…no problem on the Sunday obligation.

While you do have to work, might I suggest that you turn your work into a prayer. Take each task and tell yourself, “This task I will do for the glory of God.” It may seem a little strange at first, but you might be surprised how your work takes on a new perspective.

As an old and still Boy Scouter, I say amen to what the previous posts have said. Your work is necessary work and helps boys to have an experience that will help form them for the rest of their lives. Is Mass on Saturday night at camp or do you have to go in to town? When we had more priests our Scout camp had a priest at camp all summer long. Unfortunately that is no longer the case.

I just wanted to say Hi, my family has a home in Kalkaska and we try to get to Saint Mary’s whenever we can!:slight_smile:

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