Sunday Or Saturday Mass on Vacation


So I’m going on vacation this week and I’ve thought about going to Mass this weekend. So I want to go to Mass (I can’t drive) every weekend or try to, but this weekend in pretty sure we have plans Saturday and Sunday to do things. I don’t want to ask my parents because they are kinda mad at me. We have planned this vacation months ago when I we weren’t big on going to Mass every weekend. I ask my parents a couple of days ago if we could go and thru said yes, they told me we could next Saturday which isn’t this weekend. I know it is a mortal sin to not go to Mass on Sunday or Saturday, I’ve just been to Confession so it is a mortal sin if I can’t go?


You are under the care of your parents and do not drive. If you miss Mass it is not *your *fault. You have the intention to go, but are unable to fulfill that intention due to circumstances out of your control.

If this bothers you, you can call your pastor and ask him for a dispensation from Mass since you are traveling this weekend and your parents refuse to take you to Mass.


NOTE: you could always check to see if there will be a Mass close to where you will be. Who knows, maybe there will be one in walking distance to where you will be.


You don’t say how old you are and that makes a difference.

If you are under the age of majority, then you don’t have much choice but to do what your parents want.

If you are older, then you have other possibilities. Depending on the distance you can walk or bike to church. There are buses and taxis available. You can ask a friend or a neighbor for a ride.


Sorry, I’m 13


Then your choices are pretty limited. You can ask your parents to take you to Mass or ask their permission to walk or bike there by yourself. Beyond that, at least you can feel some satisfaction in knowing that your are observing the Fourth Commandment. Good luck to you.


Thank you for sharing, you are **not **in a state of mortal sin. Go, and enjoy your vacation plans with your family. Continue to pray for your parents as they grow in faith. They said they would take you to Mass the following weekend right? That is a good thing, Perhaps your parents are coming around slower to the faith than you are, don’t lose heart. God bless.


Prayers to you … More young people need to have your strong faith, and your parents/family will come around.




Very nice. Good to see young people wanting to go to Mass!! In the future, make sure that going to Mass is a part of the plans for vacation :).


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