Sunday Sabath

Why is the sabath for Catholics and most other Christians on Sunday instead of Saturday?

Mass services are held on Saturday evening and on Sunday. Saturdays’ evening liturgy (readings from Scripture) is for the Sunday Mass.

Sabbath is Saturday that never changed
the Lord’s Day is Sunday, and the day the Church observes, at Christ’s command because he rose from the dead on Sunday, the mrmorial of the resurrection.

Thank you puzzleannie! I think a lot of people are confused about that, but yes, Saturday is still the Sabbath. In Latin, including in missals and breviaries and other church books, Saturday is “Sabbato” – the Sabbath! Sunday is Dominica (the Lord’s Day), and the other days are by number (e.g. Mon is Feria Secunda … Friday is Feria Sexta)

but Sunday is the Lord’s Day, and we observe the commandment to honor the Sabbath by honoring the Lord’s Day, the Resurrection.

Because Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday and Christians from the earliest times have always worshiped on Sunday.

To clear up a misconception: “Sabbath” does not mean Saturday. Sabbath means “rest”. According to Judaism, the seventh day ( week ) is Saturday, therefore it is the Sabbath ( rest ) according to the command of God (Ex 20:8 ) “six days shall you labor and do all your work, but on the seventh day you shall not and devote it to God your Lord.”

FYI: Until the time of Julius Caesar, the days were identified by numbers only: “The first day of the weeK”, etc. Which, according to Judaism, was how the Lord worked. It was unknown, in our modern terms, what day that was. It could have been any named day we have today. The days, named by Caesar, were then used for identification. Since one of the days was named Saturday ( Saturn’s Day ) and it was assigned as the seventh day of the week it was accepted as “Saturday the Sabbath” by the Jews.

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Shalom Aleichem

Yes, Sabbath means. literally “rest” but it also literally refers to Saturday.

Look at the word for “Saturday” in Romance languages. Clearly derived from “Sabbath.”

Look at the word for “Sunday” in Romance languages. Clearly derived from “the Lord’s Day.”

I would like to thank all who replied to my question. I needed clarity on this issue and I received it.



Yes. All true, but only after the seventh day was named Saturday.

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But the point is, why don’t Jews celebrate “Sabbath” on Sunday? Because "Sabbath: refers to the 7th day of the week, i.e. Saturday.

The Jews observed this prior to it being named Saturday. The Jews did not change their practice based on the name “Saturday” being attached to the 7th day.

The Christians observed Sunday, regardless of meanings and derivations of the meaning of “Sabbath” because of Jesus Christ.

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