Sunday School Curriculum


Does anyone know of some good Catholic Sunday school curriculum? We teach ages 3-6 and used “Seeds” curriculum last season.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



I have used the Faith and Life Series and found it to be very good. Here is a weblink to the webpage for more information:




what is the focus of the program? i assume it is to introduce young children to the basics and get them ready for CCD and sacramental preparation, and to help them understand what is going on at Mass. Our Sunday Visitor has a good pre-school/kinder program, so does Loyola Press. both are “user friendly” so if parents assist in the class on a rotating basis the materials and curriculum are easy to follow. If you are looking for a lectionary-based program, Celebrating the Lectionary has units with very good leader guides for all age levels, and the supporting materials are great. Pflaum also has magazine-style handouts for each age level, but this will be more expensive in the long run.


Faith and Life. I’ve seen on by Sadlier (can’t remember the name) that seemed pretty good too, but I haven’t looked at it in detail. I was hooked on Faith and Life when I found it.


Gotta cast my vote for Faith and Life. We are using this (in conjunction with the 1962 Baltimore Catechism) to teach our kids and, as a result, they have a good grasp of the Faith, certainly better than most adult Catholics I know.


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