Sunday Scripture Readings?

Please point me to where I can find a list of the scripture readings for each Sunday of the Byzantine year. I have found a list of feast days but it does not include readings nor does it include scripture readings for Sundays that are not “feast days”. It almost seems as if there is a great conspiracy to keep the Sunday readings secret…

Here you go

Note that there are two calenders there: Slav and Greek.
The 23-rd Sunday After Pentecost: [FONT=Arial]Luke 8:26-39 (Slavs), Luke 8:41-46 (Greeks) …
[/FONT]The 27-th Sunday After Pentecost: [FONT=Arial][FONT=Georgia][FONT=Arial]Luke 13:10-17 (Slavs), Luke 18:18-27 (Greeks)[/FONT]
[/FONT][/FONT]2. The Lucan Jump[LEFT]Beginning on the Monday following the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (14 September) the Gospel of Luke is read. This means that the Gospel account for that day may not match the (Sunday) Matins Gospel or the Epistle that is prescribed (it will still be cyclical but may be several weeks off). Not all Churches observe the Lucan jump. There are slight differences in the Sunday Gospels during the Lucan period between the Greek and Slavic Churches.


Thanks to both of you. One more question…
What version of the scriptures is read at the DL?

Whatever Bible the parish priest has in his home. No, really.

The two books are the Gospel Book (Evangélion) and the Apostol (Apóstolos). For the Byzantine Catholic Church (USA) they are from the New American Bible (1970) with modifications by Msgr. William Levkulic (1924-2002) for the Epistles and Old Testament readings. The Grail Psalter (1963) is used.

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