Sunday Was Always Designated As A Day Of Rest

Before Sunday was designated as a day of rest by the Empereor Constantine in the fourth century, it was already a special day in the life of Christian communities. Sunday had become a distinctive day because of its association with the day on which Jesus rose from the dead. Celebrating that day by gathering and remembering what Jesus had done for all humanity seemed natural and appropriate.
The first account of Sunday gatherings comes from Justin Martyr in his “apology”, written around the year 150. Justin explains why Christians assemble on Sunday:
"We gather on the day of the sun because it is the first day, when God transformed darkness and matter made the world; on this same day, Jesus Christ, our Savior, rose from the dead."
It seems obvious that this practice was already well established by Justin’s time.
From earliest times, every Sunday was and is still understood to be a celebration of Easter and of the entire Paschal mystery.
From the time of Constantine when Christianity/Catholicism became the dominant religion, Sunday became a day of rest for all. This day was to be used to connect more deeply with God and one another through prayer, reflection, communal gatherings and acts of kindness and mercy, especially towards those in need.
Sunday was to be the day in which Christians re-created themselves into what God had intended from the beginning.

My question then is this, why do Protestants celebrate Saturday as the day of rest when this is clear evidence that Sunday was the day of rest?
Maybe some do and others don’t? At least this is what a Baptist friend of mine said. Please clear up for me…

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My question is this, do you actually intend to discuss when Protestants have their day of rest or do you just want to bash them?:o

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See the full article here: Why is Sunday the Day of rest

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Also, most Protestants I know celebrate Sunday as the day of rest.

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I’d second that - most protestants I know keep sunday as the Lord’s Day.

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OTCA, I think you’d be better off citing your sources in your original post. The way you’re doing things now, it appears that you’re trying to take credit from the author, which I hope is not your intention.

As to the source itself, Seventh-Day Adventists do not represent most Protestants. Almost all Protestants celebrate Sunday as the day of rest, with the exception of the SDA’s, who are a relatively small denomination.

Another reason I doubt this is I seriously question if a catholic priest would alter someone elses copyrighted work and add the word ‘‘catholic’’ after the original word ‘‘christian’’ in the article. :thumbsup:

Nope - it all looks like the work of a plagiarist to me :eek: :p:p:p

Two interesting articles I found on sabbatarians




Lujack, I never even thought of taking credit for myself. I don’t think like that. I only wanted to share some stories with others. That’s it. I am tired of explaining myself.

I am guessing SDA and JW will still worship on Sunday but tell you that Sunday is not a special day whatsoever.
But, if you simply drive by any church on a sunday morning, you may be surprised to see their parking lots full.

I have no idea what you are saying here.

Thank you so much, dear friend for sharing such an interesting piece of Early Church
history with us all. I bring no charges against you for doing so…sounds like our other friends who have been “so charitable” in their responses, have other “axes to grind” with the One True Church. Don’t be discouraged, it just means that you are being persecuted for “righteousness’ sake”…(Jesus’ words in the sermon on the mount-they can look it up themselves-do you think they know it’s in the Gospel?:slight_smile:
Regarding your thoughtful question, I’m not aware of any other denominations that celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday except the Jewish people. Wasn’t that established by God Himself in the Ten Commandments? Forgive my ignorance on the matter.
I prefer going to Holy Mass on Sundays, rather than the Vigil Mass on Saturday, myself.
Sorry I couldn’t be of much help:o God Bless you for your faithfulness!

So, according to you, if a catholic commits a wrong, um, lets say steals someone elses work and passes it off as their own, when others correct her and chastise her, she is being persecuted for righteousness’ sake :confused:

Wow. It gets better and better …

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