Sunday Wilderness Travel


I go camping a lot, and I always get myself to Sunday Mass somehow when I am out.

I am sometimes invited to go on wilderness canoe trips where there is no church. (No people, either, sometimes.:eek:) I know if you are travelling where Mass is not available, the church excuses you from the Sunday obligation. However, this travel is not necessary for me -- a business trip, or a visit to family or friend -- it is simply a vacation. I would really like to go, but do not want to offend God. My question is, if it is not neccesary for life, should I even accept such an invitation to go on a trip that I know would make me miss Mass?


Yes, you can do so.

Talk to your priest if you are overly concerned about this.


God isn't an ogre .

Vacations are so necessary for so many in the frenetic age in which we live .

Enjoy the whole of your holiday , and if you can't get to Mass , then give glory to God by having a relaxing and enjoyable time with friends and family .


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