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So, I’m having trouble finding an employer who is willing to employ me, and I’m b/w the ages of 17-44.

Many employers around will only hire you if you work on Sundays. Tractor Supply comes to mind. Most of these jobs would be considered underemployment for me, but its all I can find and they are the most in number.

I am able and have the capacity to be self-employed.

I spoke with a lady in HR today at AVEX, a local employer and a world leader in their field according to them. Their job ad says you must be able to work any day of week and that they don’ t discriminate on religion. I told here I was Catholic and I can’t work Sundays (implying the commandment). She says she is Catholic but that they do allow to come in an hour late on a Holy Day for Mass or whatever, but that you still have to come in.

Employer employment is steady and less risky given that I am not legally responsible to their customer. Self employment is more uncertain, will generate less money and fewer benefits, and I am liable to the customer.

It’s sickening to me the state of our society that believes so much in the economy that we throw out God’s laws. As if painting an aircraft to make a contract deadline is more important than God’s laws.

Should I accept this type of immoral, secular employment or should I proceed along the path of self-employment?

Should these employers be forced to make accommodations for someone like me who truly trusts his God and practices his religion like it was intended by God to be practiced?


Wow, you can’t find a place that has at least one day off a week wherein that one day is Sunday?! That’s terrible.
The human body simply does not work well on that schedule. We need regular rest.
I wish I could give better answers, but it appears as though you don’t believe your conscience would like to work on Sunday.
If you can find work and it is enough money, but less, then that is probably good. But if you are worried it is not enough, perhaps pray and trust in God.


I don’t think anyone can answer this question for you. You might talk to a priest about the moral aspects of your decision and pray to God for discernment. You have the right idea that self-employment would be the ideal option, but maybe in your current place in life you need the reliability of an employer with steady work and benefits. This will probably depend a lot on your financial decision (how much money you have saved, if you have a lot of debt or not).


Maybe God doesn’t want me to have a bunch of money. It does cause problems in thy spiritual life.

Good answers so far.


What type of job are you hoping for?

For example some food establishments are not open on Sundays. Some call center work is Monday to Friday.

As someone who makes decisions about who to hire, make yourself an idea candidate in other ways:
• Make sure your resume is up to date, flows well, and is free of errors.
• When you interview, make sure to dress appropriately and be professional (while this seems obvious, it unfortunately isn’t, I’ve had multiple people come to an interview intoxicated or dressed in a way that you would honestly assume is a joke if you didn’t see it in reality).
• Practice interviewing with a friend or family member and become comfortable with answering questions in random orders.
• Highlight your strengths with examples, and when asked about availability indicate that while you have a restriction on a single day you can’t work, you are open to any work any hour on all of the other days.


Good advice. But been there and done that.

Unfortunately, the government has more to do with labor markets than people believe and they tend to take people property, effects away before a conviction.

Maybe I’ll try over at that chicken place run by that evangelical guy; they don’t work on Sunday. I’ll put that on my to do list (with my two college degrees already scratched off).


Would you be interested in banking? Most are closed on Sunday. Are you able to travel to another area to widen the prospects?


Is someone now supporting you (parents, spouse)? Do you have a family to support (spouse, children)?

If the answer to either of those is YES, then, how long do you expect them to continue?

I’d find it very troubling if my adult child or my spouse expected me to carry the burden and they were refusing jobs that they feel are beneath them (scratch off my two college degrees?).

HR at one place said they will let you come in an hour late and make your Mass Obligation, that is huge, do you know how many people do not have that option? With most companies, the new employees get the worst schedules, but, if you work hard and are pleasant the schedule becomes more accommodating.

Catholics are not forbidden to work on Sunday/HDOs if that is what they must do to support themselves/their family. I’d advise against using Catholicism as an excuse to turn down a job.


I don’t have excuses. I have faith in God. Something I advise you and others get more of.


I have a finance degree. I’ve applied at several banks, but I don’t know the right people to shoe me in.


Even for starting as teller?


Wow! That is quite sharp. Someone is supporting you, maybe it is time to shoulder some of that burden.

2 Thessalonians 3:10 springs to mind.


I’ve applied for teller jobs. No cigar.


Why do you think support is only monetary? You are displaying a simplistic lack of understanding of economy.


Wow that is tough, my other suggestion would be sales like insurance. In my area insurance sales jobs while they usually run on commission only usually have the benefit of letting the worker set their hours and some let you work from home.


You are conflating employment with work.


Seems you are looking for more of a philosophical argument than a talk about practical things.

This side of the world is a place where the landlord and the electric company don’t take artistry and imagination, only legal tender.


:thinking: I’m not sure I understand what your implying BUT my husband has primarily worked for “the government” and I can’t remember him ever working a Sunday. Certian functions of the government will (road crews, 911, etc) but the majority do not.

I work in public accountanting and even with tax season I mamage to keep Sunday’s as a day of rest.

Finally, you mention your location as a hindrance; why not move?


I can do philosophy and I can wire your house.

I used to rebuild cars and the other day I prepared a meal for my family with every course on the dinner plate from my garden (4 courses).

That said, I don’t like it when people water down the faith with faulty opinions. It’s likened to stuffing a GE electrical panel with Square D breakers.


I advise you read the 4th and 5th Amendments in the Bill of Rights if you’d like to get a better understanding.

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