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Down here many people work for the government too. It’s called “the oilfield”. And, if the government can’t control it, they lose sleep at night.


Even non-legal tender transactions are taxable.


I heard that if you do have to work on Sundays, it is best to give the money you earned that day to charity. So you were not working but providing charity.


I’ve had that thought, and I think I’ve don it. I’ve also sent money back to the employer’s bank account.


Here’s the thing – the Catholic Church does not require that you refrain from work on Sunday. If you request an accommodation, you can’t point to the Church as your reason for that. And if you are implying that your interpretation is somehow more valid than the Church’s, that’s a whole different discussion.


The Church also hands out dispensations; sometimes like a candy machine.


The church also knows and states that we should not work on Sunday for rest, worship, etc…

So, why encourage one to kill himself by breaking a commandment? The Church doesn’t encourage people to work on Sunday, why should you?


I guess you need to decide whether this is a need of your family, which would excuse you from refraining from work on Sunday. If you are not expecting others to support you financially, then you are in a position to be choosy.


I have a better answer… Rather than decide against a truth, trust in God.


A lot of desk jobs-- working in an office/library/school/university-- are closed on weekends.

Post offices-- there’s no delivery on Sunday. You’ve mentioned banks already.

Service jobs, on the other hand-- like sales or restaurants-- do a big chunk of their business on weekends, and it’s much harder to get people to accommodate your schedule. Unless you go out of your way to find an employer that deliberately closes on Sunday, like Chick-fil-A or Hobby Lobby or Tandy Leather or Mardel or whatever.

You can plug in your location here and see what postings are available in your area for closed-Sunday employment. In my little rural area, there’s one hit, but more urban areas will have a much wider range of possibilities.


Tax season is starting, get a temp doing that…


great post. but, I don’t trust blind links. can you give me the website?


sounds good, but then they’ll want me to non-compete.


For a temp position for a single tax season why would that be an issue?

Are you able to travel to a different area?


I applied at HR Block five years ago, after taking their course, and didn’t get the job offer.

Then I learned they bought out our old tax preparer’s business. One or two folks form the class wound up with the job. The old owner kept her job and some of her employees.

They wanted the quiet types that will do everything they want them to do and not object; not the truthful types.


You can mouse over the link text and and at the bottom of your browser, it should show the URL it points to.

It takes you to

At the top of the page are two boxes. One is already filled in with “Closed Sunday”. The other needs to have your geography added into it. Otherwise, it will bring up hits from all over the place-- Arizona, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Dallas, Denver.

If you live in a rural area in the middle of nowhere, and there are no hits, it will bring up the option to try with different parameters.


thank you. you have provided the most practical advice yet. Kudos to you–sincerely.


From your other posts it seems like you already made your mind up. The only way you will be able to get what you want is with self employment.

Nope. Because as someone already pointed out , you are taking a stricter stance on this than the Catholic Church.

Like my Priest told me once. If God intended this from the strictest sense of the law, then I’m in big trouble, because I work every Sunday. As long as we fulfill our Sunday obligation, God understands that some have to work on the Lord’s day in order to Love neighbor.

John 5:16 Therefore the Jews started persecuting Jesus, because he was doing such things on the sabbath. 17 But Jesus answered them, “My Father is still working, and I also am working.”

When we love neighbor (and our families) we are loving God. That is what is intended above all else.

God Bless


I wasn’t offering political commentary; I was giving you non-Sunday job options to consider.



I’m a retired Retail management guy and an Informed and practicing Roman Catholic.

You do what YOU have to do, KNOWING that God is on your side. I was still able to fulfill my Sunday and Holyday obligations, though it was not convenient; but GOD judges what is POSSIBLE, not what’s easy for us.

God Bless you and guide your path


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