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You say you used to work with cars, what about a mechanic shop? Those are usually closed on Sundays.


Maybe your priest would give e you a dispensation to miss Sunday Mass and to come to a weekday Mass that is what I do during this time of year because I work for a major retailer and we get really busy so I am working a lot sometimes it does not coincide with my parish Mass schedule or any of the parishes nearby Mass schedule.


Excuse me but I need all the money I earn to support myself including what I make sunday if I should have to work that day


I think your first reply may have occurred because of Bon_Croix’s use of the term underemployment. Sometimes, it’s not good to take the first job that comes along. Although, he did say he would consider working for a chicken place, so I don’t understand your reaction, which I found to be a strong one.

By saying “no” to certain jobs, you can say “yes” to others. I do not believe in taking plan B, because before you know it, you’ve spent two years working as a food servant, you find you don’t have the right confidence and creative energy to apply for the right jobs, and you wind up being stuck. Sometimes it’s better to borrow money while you pursue the correct choice.

I’m self-employed and people will still try to get me to work on Sunday. They’ve only succeeded if they are coming from way out of town, and that was many years ago. I end up doing some preparation on Sundays anyhow, and people still phone you on Sundays. I doubt you can completely improve the situation.


It’s what I heard. I didn’ t make this rule and I don’t know if it’s a rule. The rule is to dedicate Sunday to God. So dedicate the work you do if you must to Him? It’s best to check with a priest. If he says it’s no problem then it isn’t.
I used to work on Sundays, job, cleaning, whatever. And at one point I started to observe it. I only reheat food or eat uncooked meal etc. No more washing and I try not to do work 4 my job. And I have to tell you that something in my spending if time has improved. Maybe I am just imagining it or just needed more schedule in my life, but when I do have to work I no longer find myself over crowded. Dunno. Just my perception.
If you must like I said I think you should talk to a priest.


Why do you think I turn down jobs?


Priests aren’t always right.


I don’t know. You’d have to tell me.


There’s a difference in selecting companies to work for and turning down a
job offer, and, btw, I do have free will. I tend to use my will in accord
with God’s will; to not do so, is lack of true wisdom.


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