Can i watch TV or play video games on sundays and not think about God. Because the Church teaches that you must devout all day to worshiping God. How can i do that? Must God be in my every thought of the day? Can i study on sunday or do homework if i relly need to and not sin? Please give me a quick response i need it quickly. Thank you for your help.

I wish I always thought about God, but it is not possible for me :o My thoughts wander too much. Even sometimes at Mass. So I guess what I am saying is, for some people it is not possible to think about only God for a full day straight, although I think we should if we could. But Yes, we are allowed recreation on Sunday. It is also a day of rest and relaxation. I use to have to work on Sundays, but two priests I talked to about it told me that I had to do what I had to do, but to not miss Mass. I certainly had to concentrate only on work if I was going to do a good job and not get in a accident. But I would try to say little prayers throughout the day and talk to God. Also, I have not recently, but I use to see one of our parish priests at the gym on Sunday. Working out is obviously something he likes to do so he probably considers it recreation as well as working out.

I am sure you will get some more informative answers from other forum members.

I think if you have to, that you can study, and do homework, on Sunday.

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