should i not do grocery shopping sundays?

I go grocery shopping on Sundays; it is the best day of the week to find parking in front of my house, so I don’t have to lug $200.00 worth of heavy bags to my front door.:coolinoff:

I would like to hear from other posters about this, as I too wonder about it…

I think you have to decide what is the best way to observe Sunday and then act on it appropriately.

I decided that for myself, Sunday is a day of rest and recreation. For me that means that I don’t go shopping (whether that’s grocery shopping or hanging out at the mall) or household type work (laundry, major housekeeping, etc.). It helps me set the day aside as something aimed at God, prayer, and rest. It also requires me to be mindful that Sunday is coming. If I notice I’m about out of some food item, then I make it a point to get it on Saturday. If I don’t have clean clothes for work on Monday then I do laundry on Saturday.

I’ve found this is a good plan for me. Someone else may reach a different decision. As long as it helps bring you closer to God I’d say you’re doing the right thing.

I have recently decided this too. :slight_smile:

If you are asking if it is sinful, no it is not. You do not have to go to confession if you have gone to the grocery store on a Sunday. However we are to be mindful and to try and set the day aside for Mass and prayer.

For many people, Sundays are the only day they can go. For others they have other options. It really depends on your situation. We should avoid servile work. For some people that is yard work for instance, however for me, being in my vegetable and flower garden is a joy! I love smelling the scents and enjoy being out there it is my hobby! The same could be with the grocery store, some people might enjoy going to the store to relax and stop by the deli and get a sandwich and pick up a few things.

Just go…really, it won’t hurt.

What would be the reason not to? And whatever reason that might be would it be binding on every Catholic?

I’ve struggled with the “Can I / Should I do that on Sunday?” question over the years and have finally landed at what works for me.

I once asked a priest, in the confessional, about doing laundry and shopping on Sundays; I felt really helped by his answer and left in a place of peace. He writes a column for our diocesan newspaper and used that for his column (without violating the seal.) Well, the priest at my in-laws parish pulled out the column and did his homily on how WRONG that priest was. Needless to say, that wasn’t helpful.

Here’s what that priest advised - make sure you set aside time for Mass and devotions and then, if you need to complete some chore on Sunday to make your life easier, it’s fine to do. We talked about recreating and spending time with family as well.

As Catholics we’re supposed to keep the Lord’s Day holy and not do anything that obviates our joy. I like to set up my week on Sunday evenings that actually leads to better rest and relaxation for me. For instance, I’ll run some data reports for work, wash a load or two of laundry, and get a couple meals made for the week. When I worked in an office, I used to lay out my clothes and accessories for the entire week Sunday night. (I work from home most days so laying out t-shirts and tights seems like overkill.) NOT doing those things and having them “hanging over my head” obviates my joy more than just doing them.

I never let shopping or doing a few chores get in the way of my worship.

We always do our grocery shopping on Sundays. DH works long hours during the week (I don’t drive), so Saturday and Sunday are our times when it is convenient to shop. We’re usually doing family stuff on Saturday. Sunday is Mass, home for a quiet afternoon, a trip back into town for our holy hour at Eucharistic Adoration, and a stop at the grocery store on the way home. I don’t believe we are offending God in any way with our Sunday activities.

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