Sundays are the Worst

People forget all too easily how important “word of mouth” is in maintaining a business. It is more important than any type of advertisement they might put money out for. One bad reference to a business can cost them 10 customers. Boom just like that.

If you own any business and you what a good customer base, then provide excellent service that people want to talk about. You’ll save lots on advertisements that can’t do anywhere near that much good. Don’t give your customers a reason to complain.

And on the customer side, if you are rude, dishonest, overly picky and just plain crabby stay home. That is where you belong. And folks, believe me I have served people in the banking as well as the food industry. There are some people that think the world owes them an apology because they exist. It owes them nothing.

Again I didn’t see anyone naming people or restaurants on the site, did anyone bother to read why the man started the site? No one is addressing his point, the dichotomy between the way Christians are call to treat people and the way service people are treated by some Christians.

Oh, I think folks are addressing the post. It seems that many share the same experience when working with the public on Sunday’s. What is sad to me, is that it seems to be rather routine for folks to discover that those who are apparently Christian don’t seem to act accordingly.

I can say, of my own life experience, if I was still waiting on my “fellow Christians” within my community to bring me to the Church I would still be waiting to be Baptized. Sad but true. The absolute only reason I came to believe in God was through a near death experience at the age of 4. If I had only the way the “Christians” live their lives in my community to go by I would never have thought of being a Catholic, let alone of any other faith.

Probably because “that kind of Christian” isn’t hanging out on the CA forums and isn’t here to defend their right to bully and shortchange workers in the service industry. Pretty much everyone agrees that sort of behavior is wrong and unbecoming to Christians.

While I was reading this, one of my sisters called. She worked in restaurants when she was in high school and agreed with the problem of working Sundays.

We do represent our beliefs and by extension, God, when we are out and about. Especially if we have external symbols, a rosary, a cross or crucifix, yarmulka, hijab, or other sign of our faith, we will be judged in our actions. The judges may be service staff, or other drivers (ever get cut off in traffic by someone with a fish symbol on their car?). More importantly, we will eventually answer to God as to why we did not treat his people better.

I noticed some discussions around customer service in general.

Now, I would agree that Sundays are the worst days to have to work if you are in the customer service arena. I have worked in fast food, and my sister was a server for most of her life until she became to ill to work. And if there was a day you “wanted” to be mistreated by customers then Sunday was it.

This said, I do have to say that the concept of true customer service is all but dead in this country. There is hardly a business that can be called without getting the never ending: “your call is important to us” mantra, a place you can shop at where it is nearly impossible to find a clerk to help you because they have one person doing the work of 10, where you as the customer or patient have to do tons of paper work that office staff used to do, where the price has gone up and service and quality of gone down or are non-existent. S
So when folks get bent out of shape after getting less than good service or caring service on a daily basis, it seems no surprise too me. I find no excuse to mistreat those working as hard as they can however, and we might all remember that in most cases those working in the “service” industries are usually doing the work of more than one person and getting no where near the pay they deserve for what they do.

And to those interested most wait staff never get paid anything near minimum wage. They are totally dependent on tips, and in addition have no benefits of any kind. They are actually close to being slave laborers.

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