Sunday's Eucharistic Procession in Liverpool


The last few days have seen the first National Eucharistic Congress in the country since 1908.

It took place in Liverpool , and this afternoon there was a Eucharistic Procession through the streets of the city ending at the cathedral .

Cardinal Vincent Nichols said the procession was undertaken in a spirit of “prayer and penance” following recent clerical child abuse scandals.

“There is not one iota of pride or triumphalism in our steps.”








THAT IS AMAZING and the absolute right thing that needs to be done.


Awesome, what a big procession. May Jesus send great graces upon Liverpool and your whole country. I pray daily for the UK to return to the true Faith. My grandpa was born in England and my grandma was Scottish.


Thanks , @Tis_Bearself , prayer is always welcome .


Really amazing. There is real faith in Liverpool! So happy to see this.


How wonderful!!!


Bishop Barron in Liverpool


Tears are streaming down my face… Lord, have mercy on us all. How I wish I could join them…


Glorious. The Eucharist is taken out to the street as the Church wants to share this immense gift of God with everyone. A wonderful tradition of the Church.


Two testimonies


The cathedral is one of the more interesting ‘in-the-round’ designs I’ve seen…


There are a couple of short videos here …


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