I work a retail job where I make out the schedule for the upcoming week. I have to schedule employees to work on Sunday, but I personally rarely have to work them. Is it considered a sin to have someone else work since the company requires it? Thank you

No, of course it’s not a sin. Otherwise you would be condemning millions of people.
Besides the majority of people don’t even attend a church every Sunday much less a Mass.

I have a feeling some of this may be the enemy at work in our world, in our modern times, its normal for most businesses to be open every day, even 24 hours a day, most people dont think twice about this, but in past times, this was not the case, there was a time when it was rare for places to be open on saturdays or sundays, but that has changed and its widely accepted (justified) as being totally fine, but in reality, the company just wants more revenue, they cant make sales if they are closed.

I know im in in the minority, but I just think at least some of this widespread acceptance of this, has to do with the enemy successfully leading our world astray, in what appears on the surface to be normal, fine and acceptable.

This is getting worse too, Ive seen in recent years, some places are even open on Christmas day now, and I suspect this will increase, and of course, it will be justified, over time, it will become normal, accepted…see where Im going?

Ive always found it kind of funny, so many big companies like the christmas season, they stay open longer, hire more people, etc, so they are basically taking part in and recognizing a christian celebration, but in reality, its nothing to do with the actual holiday, to them, its all about MONEY (greed). In my opinion, they are essentially ‘using’ God and christianity for their own greedy ends.

My belief is that we should avoid all unnecessary work and causing others to work. This was a common belief at one time. Ideally you could find a job where you don’t have to do unnecessary work or cause others to. This may not be possible now.

As to whether it is a sin I do think it is. There are many factors that determine the severity of the sin. This may for your situation be a very minor sin.

I agree. This is the result of a materialistic culture. Folks who had much more difficult lives than ours were able to carve out a day of rest. A day of rest is good even for non religious folks.

Plus, if you notice, younger people do not even talk about this, to them, places being open or working on sat/ sundays is just a normal thing, its only us older people that recognize this. who knows what will be ‘normal’ for the next generation?!

My guess would be, there will be more pressure for places to be open all the time, day or night, and I mean, everything, like non-retail places, businesses, courts, service providers, doctors, etc. Its really the next logical step.

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